Are Amazon’s Warehouses Equivalent to Modern Day Sweatshops?

It appears that Amazon’s warehouses are the global book distribution chain’s equivalent of modern day sweatshops. Earlier this week Amazon fired its German security firm after a documentary film crew from ARD tied it to a far right wing group. The film crew revealed that seasonal workers hired by an Amazon subcontractor in Germany, many of whom were previously unemployed, were driven around Germany in buses, housed in poor conditions and kept under constant surveillance by the aforementioned security guards.

The Financial Times notes in their report on the firing:

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  • Nick

    Hey "Journalist"… First, all warehouse jobs are bad. ALL OF THEM. People get heatstroke, they pass out on the line, they get injured. That’s what working in a warehouse is all about. Second, you realize the computer you typed this headline on was built in an actual sweatshop by truly abused workers, right?