New York Times Reviews Self-Published Book

The Revolution Was Televised, By Alan Sepinwall

If there’s one thing every self-published author yearns for, it’s to be reviewed alongside traditionally published books, but for most that’s a dream that is unlikely to come true. Book reviewers, whether for traditional book review columns or book blogs, frequently don’t accept submissions from self-published authors. Instead, there’s a web of professional relationships between traditional publishers and reviewers which keeps the books and the reviews flowing.

But this week, the New York Times published a long and enthusiastic review of a self-published book, Alan Sepinwall’s The Revolution Was Televised.

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  • Winfred Cook

    My name is Winfred Cook, and I’m an self-published author. My novel, UNCLE OTTO has garnered a finalist in THE INDIE EXCELLENCE BOOK AWARDS, and it is doing okay but it needs more explosure. A New Times review could possibly bring UNCLE OTTO to the attention of a vast reading audience. My email:, and my website: