Monday Musings: Inauguration Day Reading List | Tired of Sharing, Already?

We here at Publishing Business Today are fairly transfixed by today’s confluence of the Inauguration of President Barack Obama and the observance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. We get a little choked up about democracy and civil rights, so please forgive us if the whole thing has got us a little verklempt. In the spirit of the day, we direct you to the King Center’s extensive bibliography on Dr. King, Civil Rights and Nonviolence.

We also point you to Galley Cat where Jason Boog has compiled links to free versions of books that inspired Dr. King, and to this Wall Street Journal round-up of new books on the civil rights pioneer.

—Brian Howard

Interactivity Fatigue?

Too funny. We were alerted this morning to an Onion article purporting to profile Web users’ annoyance with all the rich media and social sharing doodads encountered on websites these days. “Every time I type a Web address into my browser, I don’t need to be taken to a fully immersive, cross-platform, interactive viewing experience,” the satirical article quotes a user as saying.

Anyone who’s occasionally felt frustrated with all the offers to interact online can appreciate the humor here. Like many people, I frequently do enjoy sharing articles I encounter on the Web. Because I choose the sharing medium (I usually prefer Twitter to Facebook), I don’t feel strong-armed into the activity. On the other hand, reading is a private experience, and constant reminders to share and comment on stuff can make the activity seem a little less “lean back.”

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