Open Road to Publish Its First Young Adult E-riginal, Andrea J. Buchanan’s “Gift”

(PRESS RELEASE) Open Road Integrated Media announced today that it will publish Andrea J. Buchanan’s Gift, a multimedia young adult e-book conceived to take advantage of new e-reading technologies. The paranormal story by the international bestselling author of features a wide range of multimedia content that is an integral part of the story.

Buchanan said: “Gift is the perfect project for such an undertaking, as it is a ghost story for young-adult readers, the kind of supernatural story that is enjoyable as a traditional novel and yet brimming with potential for the deepening experience that enhanced content allows—content that exists to support a book and further the experience of reading it.”

Gift will incorporate both triggered events and enhanced content that becomes available as a reader progresses through the story. For example:

  • Music: Audio tracks and music videos written and performed “by” one of the main characters are embedded within the story, with additional videos and music available as added content, creating a soundtrack to the book
  • Art: A graphic novel created “by” one of the characters is revealed as the reader reaches certain chapters of Gift, with a complete, extended version available when a reader reaches the end of the story
  • Triggered Events: Sound events and visual effects are triggered at key points throughout the book
  • Additional Content: A journal written “by” one of the characters is featured at the end of the book, allowing readers to go deeper into the character’s experience

Barbara Marcus, Open Road’s adviser for children’s and young adult publishing said: “When we read the proposal for Gift, we were totally intrigued, but the real gift of Andi Buchanan is that she has written a wonderful compelling story and has seamlessly integrated technology to create a reading experience that embraces today’s digital capabilities. Open Road is thrilled to be publishing this special new category of book.”

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