The Best Book Publishing Companies to Work For

  • Volunteer committee organizes support for charities.

Why F.A. Davis thinks it’s a great place to work:
“F.A. Davis offers employees interesting work for competitive pay and great benefits, and a respectful, friendly work environment. We’re motivated to perform well, but we value more than the bottom line, and it shows in the way we do business every day.”

2. Hachette Book Group (HBG)
U.S. Headquarters: New York, N.Y.
Chairman and CEO: David Young

HBG is a major U.S. trade publisher and a division of Hachette Livre, the second-largest publisher in the world. It publishes under the divisions of Little, Brown and Co., Little Brown Books for Young Readers, Grand Central Publishing, FaithWords, Center Street, Orbit and Hachette Digital. HBG also provides distribution and sales services.


  • Number of new hires*: 233
  • Rate of voluntary turnover*: 11%
  • Bonus or incentive program for all employees: Yes
  • Employee stock option/profit-sharing: No/No

401(k) or 403(b) retirement savings program:

  • Employer contribution: 3%
  • Employer match: 67%
  • Maximum match: 6%

PTO time:

  • Paid holidays/year: 9
  • PTO includes: Vacation, sick, personal
  • Vacation days available after 1 year: 15
  • Maximum no. of vacation days: 25 (after 10 years)
  • Sick days: Unlimited
  • Personal days: 2

Telecommuting/flex time:

  • Highlights: Employees can work from home one or more days/week.
  • Option to work compressed work weeks: No
  • Employee assistance program: Yes
  • On-site exercise and fitness facilities: Yes
  • On-site fitness/wellness programs: Yes

Other benefits:

  • Adoption assistance.
  • Tuition reimbursement (100% for job-related courses; 50% for others).
  • Employee contribution to health coverage is based on a set percentage of salary.

Other programs or practices that promote a healthy work/life balance:

  • Up to 10 days of free, back-up childcare.
  • Pool and ping-pong tournaments; softball teams in Boston and New York.

Why HBG thinks it’s a great place to work:
“We publish great books well, enjoy a long record of growth and success, and provide a supportive work environment in which employees can learn, be creative, find balance and have fun!”

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  • http://BMae BMae

    <br />
    Congrats to Editors and Staff at Liguori.Content is exceptional and remains true to Redemptorist mission.<br />
    Noticeable ,favorable changes in<br />
    past couple years. Keep it coming!

  • http://ElinorThomas Elinor Thomas

    Best companies to work for ? Rmour has it that in Nov/2009 mroe than 25 full time employees in the IT department were let go to be replace by contract employees based in Index. A massive chopping of the work force due to outsourcing.

  • http://JohnN JohnN

    You need to do a little better research for your next list. Or ask different questions of your nominees. Liguori has been consistently cutting jobs to stay afloat over many years. And most of the time it is the people with the most seniority.

  • http://Shocked Shocked

    This was truly surprising. Could it be that the current employees answered the questionnaire in this fashion because they are worried about their job security? I was told that they laid off 30% of their work force a couple of years ago by handing everyone a note, along with their paycheck, and that the note told them that there would be a meeting that day that they needed to attend. Only the employees weren’t told that there were two meetings being held. One meeting for the employees getting laid off and one meeting for the employees that were keeping their jobs. Talk about survivor’s guilt!

  • http://Bugzr Bugzr

    Is this some kind of a joke? Liguori? They have consistently, over the past 3 years, cut their staff, releasing some of the most dedicated employees who had given 20+ years of service. And the manner in which they did this was so callous that the remaining few were scared as rats. They have truely not been faithful to their mission.<br />