Expanding Global Channels, Not Book Formats, Is Key to The Quarto Group’s Success
July 8, 2015

While some publishers are most concerned with perfecting the ebook, or experimenting with new book formats, Marcus Leaver, CEO of The Quarto Group, is more interested in meeting readers where they are. "Putting books in the customers' hands is the most important thing," says Leaver, and Quarto, a global illustrated book publisher, is working to do that by partnering with distributors in its most underserved markets. It may not be as flashy as enhanced ebooks, but it's proven to be a profitable model, says Leaver.

General Mills Serves Up Ebooks With Bookshout
April 22, 2015

For the first time ever, iconic breakfast provider General Mills is distributing eBooks through its long-running "Cheer on Reading" literacy program. Now available on 8.4 million boxes of Cheerios®, the "Cheer on Reading" program provides families direct access to one of nine children's eBooks, creating a new digital platform for General Mills to meaningfully engage with its audience. And it's all made possible thanks to BookShout's digital content distribution platform.

What's innovative about BookShout's partnership with General Mills is the combination of a breakfast brand families know and love

The State of America’s Libraries 2015
April 15, 2015

According to The State of America's Libraries Report 2015 released April 13 by the American Library Association (ALA), academic, public and school libraries are experiencing a shift in how they are perceived by their communities and society. No longer just places for books, libraries of all types are viewed as community anchors, centers for academic life and research, and cherished spaces.

This and other library trends of the past year are detailed in ALA's State of America's Libraries Report 2015, made available during National Library Week, April 12-18

Trajectory Adds New Deals to China Partnerships
April 14, 2015

A month after announcing its partnership with Shanghai-based Tencent Literature, Boston-based distribution and e-book-discovery start-up Trajectory Inc. has opened a suite of additional agreements pertaining to a new relationship with the major Chinese corporation Xiaomi.

The new deals include Macmillan, MIT Press, and UK wholesale distributor Gardners Books.

Trajectory is positioning itself as a bridge to such major Chinese retailers as Tencent and Xiaomi, for publishers in the West to use in getting their books into China's marketplace. A key to Trajectory's operation in this role is its Natural Language Processing Engine

Video: Building a 21st Century Library
November 25, 2014

Another look at the fascinating evolution of the library. The University of Oxford's Bodleian Library has gone through enormous renovations in recent years, and the video below explains the changes and the thought process behind them. It's particularly interesting to see the many levels on which change is occurring, from the role of the library on campus and as part of the community, to the role of the librarian and even the purpose and design of the physical building itself.

Frankfurt Is Still Vast, But It Seems to be Getting Smaller
October 20, 2014

I've spent more than half-a-year of my life in Frankfurt, one week at a time. My first Fair was 1976 so this would have been my 39th if I attended them all. I think I missed two, so that's 37. I love it and I get enormous commercial benefit from it. I can't understand people who are in our business who don't; it attracts the top executives from just about every publishing company in the world. But, like just about everything in our business, it is affected by the digital revolution.

Publishers Aim to Take Chinese Literature to the World
October 17, 2014

China, the world's second-biggest book market after the United States, has long been a consumer of works from other countries, now it is making a push to export its own literature abroad, helped by the e-book revolution. Industry players at the Frankfurt Book Fair said they had observed a change in Chinese exhibitors' focus from acquiring foreign rights to selling the products of China's developing publishing sector. With sales volumes of nearly $18 billion, China is the largest buyer of rights and licences for books published overseas.

Electronics Firms Turn to Ebook Distribution
October 16, 2014

JAPAN - The outlook for the domestic market in Japanese-made electronic-book readers has become darker with the recent announcement by Toshiba Corp. that it will stop manufacturing e-book readers. The announcement followed the departure of all other major Japanese electronics makers from the market.

The electronics makers' failure in the market has been attributed to putting e-book readers on the back burner while smartphones and foreign companies' products, such as Kindle of Amazon.com Inc. of the United States, have been aggressively marketed. - See more at: http://digital.asiaone.com/digital/news/electronics-firms-turn-e-book-distribution#sthash.4dtGAhsc.dpuf