Eradicating Legacy Thinking
October 1, 2013

Before joining Book Business last year, I was the director of graduate publishing programs at Rosemont College. In that job, it was my primary responsibility to develop courses, hire instructors and help shape the curriculum that would allow our students to gain the skills needed for a successful publishing career.

Publishers' Outlook 2011
January 1, 2011

Book publishers seem to be focused more on opportunities than challenges—or perhaps it's a case of seeing ways to turn the latter into the former.

A Village of E-readers
June 29, 2010

Two recent articles reflect a couple aspects of reality that I see about e-readers: The dust has not settled yet, and the single, catch-all solution that many would like to grab onto may never exist … nor should it.

One is an article in BusinessWeek about how the Kindle has not wowed college students. This is the part where I trot out my sarcasm and say, “Gee, ya think?”