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About Brian

Brian Jud is an author, book-marketing consultant, seminar leader, television host and president of Premium Book Company, which sells books to non-bookstore buyers on a non-returnable, commission-only basis and conducts on-site training for publishers' sales forces.

Brian is the author of "How to Make Real Money Selling Books (Without Worrying About Returns)," a do-it-yourself guide to selling books to non-bookstore buyers in large quantities, with no returns. He has written many articles about book publishing and marketing, is the author of the eight e-booklets with "Proven Tips for Publishing Success," and creator of the series of "Book Marketing Wizards." He is also the editor of the bi-weekly newsletter, "Book Marketing Matters."

Brian is the host of the television series "The Book Authority" and has aired over 650 shows. In addition, he is the author, narrator and producer of the media-training video program "You're On The Air."

Reach Brian at or visit his website at


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Joe Wikert
How Print Is Slowly Killing Publishers
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What to Consider When Pursuing a Freemium Book Model

A premium is an item given away to attract, retain, or reward customers.  It may also be provided as an incentive to purchase a particular product. Can companies use your book as a premium? Yes, and you can earn substantial revenue that way. Can you use your book as a premium for your own business? Yes. When your book is a "freemium" it can generate a valuable source of revenue


Lessons from Amazon: Reevaluating Your Business Model

Your business model is the result of the decisions you have made to generate sales, earn revenue, and manage risks. The business model of choice for most authors and publishers is to sell books through book retailers (bricks and clicks) and perhaps to libraries. This choice is usually made because "it's the way we've always done business," rather than a calculated decision based business, competitive and market analysis.


Companies Mentioned:

How is Trade Marketing Different from Non-bookstore Marketing?

You are familiar with the process of selling books through bookstores, bricks and clicks. But there is another way to sell books, and it could be more profitable for you. That is special-sales marketing -- also called non-bookstore marketing or non-traditional marketing. It is the process of selling books to buyers other than through bookstores.  Read More >>

Ten Ways to Generate Short-Term Revenue to Fuel Long-Term Growth

Marketing consultants stress the need for long-term planning, five years or more into the future. But a question we frequently get is, "How do I make it to the long term without short-term revenue?" The answer is to create a series of short-term wins that together lead to positive long-term success.  Here are Ten Ways to Generate Short-Term Revenue to Fuel Long-Term Growth.  Read More >>

How to Create a Culture of Quality in Your Publishing Company

As a publisher, you are responsible for producing a quality product at all levels: writing, editing, design, printing, customer service, and marketing (pricing, promotion, and distribution). Poor quality -- whether in product and service -- can destroy a publishing venture over time. Negative word-of-mouth communication, whether in person, in blogs, in discussion groups and forums, or through social media spreads quickly and is difficult to overcome. While you cannot control what ...  Read More >>

What Every Sales Presentation Should Accomplish

How do you create an atmosphere in which you can sell a large quantity of your books? You make a planned, professional, sincere, well-supported and delivered presentation of your recommendation to solve their marketing problem.  Read More >>

Sell More Books to Fewer People

When selling books through bookstores, you sell one book to each consumer. You never know who they are, so there is no possibility of a repeat sale. One of the benefits of selling books to corporate buyers is that you cannot only sell many books to one buyer, but you can generate repeat sales from them. Here are Ten Tips for Generating More Sales From Fewer Buyers.  Read More >>