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World Book Night U.S. Suspending Operations
July 2, 2014

Citing a lack of funding from outside the book industry, World Book Night U.S. is suspending operations.

Executive director Carl Lennertz said, "This has been a remarkable, passionate undertaking, and it has been a success by all measures, except for one: outside funding. For three years, the publishing industry and book community have very generously footed the bill and contributed enormous time and effort, and my gratitude for all of that is immeasurable. For us here at World Book Night, this experience has been life-changing

US Book Publishers Now Make More Money from Online Sales Than Physical Stores
July 1, 2014

Brick-and-mortar book stores have clearly been on the decline for a while -- just look at Barnes & Noble's rocky finances. However, there's now some tangible evidence that the pendulum has swung in favor of internet-based sales. BookStats estimates that US publishers made more money from online orders and e-books in 2013 ($7.54 billion) than they did from old-fashioned physical retail ($7.12 billion). While the difference isn't huge, it suggests that a large chunk of the American population is content with buying books that it hasn't seen in person.

French Lawmakers Adopt ‘Anti-Amazon’ Bill to Help Out Small Bookshops
June 30, 2014

French lawmakers adopted a bill on Thursday that will prevent Amazon and other online giants from offering free deliveries of discounted books, in a bid to support the country's small bookshops.

The Senate gave its approval for the bill, which had already been unanimously backed in the lower house National Assembly, and it is expected to be signed into law by President Francois Hollande within the next two weeks.

The bill bans online giants such as Amazon from delivering books without charge, but still allows them to set discounts of up to five percent

New Amazon Terms Amount to 'Assisted Suicide' for Book Industry, Experts Claim
June 26, 2014

British authors have condemned as "deeply worrying" reports that Amazon is now pressing for improved terms from publishers in the UK, as its showdown with Hachette in the US continues to be played out in public.

According to book industry bible the Bookseller, to whom UK publishers spoke on condition of anonymity, Amazon is putting publishers under "heavy pressure" to introduce new terms. The Bookseller reports that these include the proviso that "should a book be out of stock from the publisher, Amazon would be entitled to supply its own copies to customers

The Part of the Hachette-Perseus Deal You Didn’t Hear About: It Involves 400 Leading Indie Publishers
June 26, 2014

In the New York Times coverage, for example, the fact that hundreds of indie publishers were part of the deal doesn’t show up until — well, it doesn’t really show up at all. The fact that Perseus even had a “distribution arm” doesn’t appear until paragraph seven, but you’d have to know what “distribution arm” meant to really get it, and even then it only merits half a sentence: “Under the terms of the deal, Hachette would keep the Perseus publishing business,

Japan's Ebook Stores Continue to Close
June 23, 2014

Although it has now been surpassed by the United States, Japan was once the world's largest market for e-books, thanks to the early success of the cellphone-content business. But in today's competitive market, e-book sellers disappear every few months, leaving consumers to wonder whether the digital products they are buying are as permanent as paper books.

Japan has many platforms that sell e-books, run by distributors, cellphone carriers, electrical-goods retailers and so on. When you consider Japan's literacy rate, long train-commute times that afford time for reading,

BiblioBoard Pushes Libraries into the Digital Age
June 19, 2014

Biblioboard is an ebook lending platform for libraries. Compared to Netflix by USA Today, the platform gives users instant access to library ebooks via web and mobile channels, enabling libraries to compete in an increasingly digital world. CEO Andrew Roskill describes below what sets BiblioBoard apart from other digital library solutions and how libraries and publishers alike can benefit.

College Libraries Push Back as Publishers Raise Some Ebook Prices
June 17, 2014

Academic librarians have long decried the prices commercial publishers charge for access to serial publications, particularly electronic journals in the sciences. With journal packages taking up increasingly large chunks of library budgets, the prospect of publishers' ramping up prices on another digital format has spooked some librarians. "I think the fear here is that we got burned by locking into journal contracts that we should have never locked ourselves into," says Bryn I. Geffert, librarian of Amherst College. "Once burned, twice cautious."

Barnes & Noble: Winning the Hachette-Amazon Book Battle
June 13, 2014

By now we're all aware of the battle raging between (AMZN) and Hachette over the pricing of eBooks. While the consumer is certainly the loser as the two big corporations go head to head, there's likely a winner from the battle royale as well-Barnes & Noble (BKS).

Associated Press

Maxim's John Tinker and Kevin Rippey explain why's standoff with Hachette Books is good news for Barnes & Noble:

Book Wars: A Monopolist Vs. The Cartel
June 9, 2014

The book world is once again in a state of high dudgeon over the "thuggish" behavior of Amazon, which has begun slow-walking customer orders for books published by Hachette (James Patterson, Malcolm Gladwell, a.k.a. J.K. Rowling) in an effort to win more favorable terms in its next contract with the publisher. In a series of breathless commentaries, Amazon has been likened to Vladimir Putin, Tony Soprano and Darth Vader, and accused of pursuing a "scorched-earth capitalism" designed to drive all publishers and competing booksellers out of business

Entitle, A Different Approach To Ebook Subscriptions
June 6, 2014

The very public fight between Amazon and Hachette illustrates why it's never a good idea to become too reliant on one distribution channel. A bevy of startups are vying to establish a real alternative in the form of a subscription ebook service, with two of them, Oyster and Scribd, enjoying the most funding and press attention.

But in some important ways, it's the lesser known Entitle Books that leading the race. A tiny operation based in Wilmington, N.C., Entitle was the first to give its customers access to the full catalogs of two of the five biggest publishers,

Indie Booksellers Join Hachette's Battle with Amazon
June 6, 2014

Independent booksellers in America are weighing into the dispute between Amazon and Hachette with a series of banners telling potential customers "Thanks, Amazon, the indies will take it from here", while comedian and Hachette author Stephen Colbert is urging his viewers to plaster their books with "I didn't buy it on Amazon" stickers.

The disagreement between the retail giant and the publisher, which is believed to be over terms, has been played out in public since early last month, and has seen delay delivery on more than 5,000 Hachette titles, according to the publisher

Stephen Colbert: “We’re going to prove that I can sell more books than Amazon”
June 5, 2014

Stephen Colbert addressed Amazon's battle with publisher Hachette - his own book publisher - on the Colbert Report last night. "I'm not just mad at Amazon," Colbert said. "I'm Mad Prime."

Stephen Colbert's books are published by Hachette, and his guest last night was another Hachette author, "my fellow Amazon victim," Sherman Alexie. In two segments addressing Amazon's battle with Hachette - in which it's taken away preorders on Hachette titles and is shipping them with delays - Colbert asked viewers to boycott Amazon and started taking preorders for Hachette

James Patterson: ‘If Amazon Is the New American Way, Then Maybe It Has to Be Changed’
May 30, 2014

At a luncheon today at Book Expo America, the publishing trade fair that opened yesterday at the Javits Center, the American Booksellers Association honored James Patterson as its Indie Champion Award Winner. The one-man best-seller factory might have been an unlikely candidate for the honor a couple of years ago, but this year Patterson pledged to give $1 million to independent bookstores nationwide. And lately he's become increasingly exercised about the biggest topic at the convention: the dispute between Amazon and Hachette (the conglomerate that happens to publish Patterson

BEA 2014: Bricks-and-Mortar Rebounding
May 29, 2014

Wednesday's BookExpo panel on the future of bricks-and-mortar retailing couldn't have been scheduled at a more auspicious time for indies: the day after the American Booksellers Association announced a resurgence in the number of independent bookstores.

For the first time since 2005, there are more than 2,000 independent outlets in the U.S. Although ABA CEO Oren Teicher reiterated that statistic at the panel, the line that brought the largest applause

Target to Offer Ebooks Through Partnership WIth Librify
May 29, 2014

Target wants to help host your book club - online. As the retailer works to build a more competitive e-commerce experience, it's partnering with a startup e-book subscription service called Librify to give customers an online platform for buying, sharing, and discussing their favorite books.

BookBaby Expands Focus to Publishers, Offering D2C Tools
May 29, 2014

E- and print book distribution service BookBaby has a reputation for working primarily with self-published authors. The company touts the motto, "Make the little guy look big," which BookBaby chief marketing officer Steven Spatz says the company achieves through promotional tools that connect authors with book review sites and PR firms, ecommerce services, and a large-scale distribution.

Amazon Says Dispute with Book Publisher Hachette to Continue
May 28, 2014 Inc. said it is "not optimistic" that a dispute with publisher Hachette Book Group will be resolved soon and defended its actions as "doing so on behalf of customers."

The comments, which Amazon made in an online post, are the first extensive remarks by the world's largest online retailer about its skirmish with Hachette over digital-book prices.

Subscription Services for Ebooks Progress to Becoming A Real Experiment
May 28, 2014

My long-held conviction that broad-based subscriptions for ebooks were not likely to work is partly based on facts that are now changing. It is still by no means a slam dunk that ebooks must go where Spotify has taken digital music and Netflix has taken the digital distribution of TV and movies, but it looks more likely today than it did six months ago. Still, looks could be deceiving.

The core of subscription economics is to pay less to the content supplier than they earn other ways to give you some headroom