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Press Release: Edwards Brothers Malloy Acquires Second Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 Inkjet Press
September 18, 2014

Edwards Brothers Malloy announced that it has acquired another Ricoh continuous form inkjet press. The InfoPrint 5000 MP monochrome press is being installed this month and will be operational in October in the company's Lillington, North Carolina digital print center.  It will be used for both print-on-demand as well as short runs up to 1,500 copies.

Why Indie Bookstores Are on the Rise Again
September 12, 2014

he recent news of the opening of an independent bookstore on Manhattan's Upper West Side was greeted with surprise and delight, since a neighborhood once flush with such stores had become a retail book desert. The opening coincides with the relocation of the Bank Street Bookstore near Columbia University, leading the New York Times to declare, "Print is not dead yet - at least not on the Upper West Side." Two stores don't constitute a trend, but they do point to a quiet revival of independent bookselling in the United States. They also underscore

How Do Young Americans Engage with Public Libraries?
September 11, 2014

Younger Americans-those ages 16-29-especially fascinate researchers and organizations because of their advanced technology habits, their racial and ethnic diversity, their looser relationships to institutions such as political parties and organized religion, and the ways in which their social attitudes differ from their elders.

This report pulls together several years of research into the role of libraries in the lives of Americans and their communities with a special focus on Millennials, a key stakeholder group affecting the future of communities, libraries, book publishers and media makers of all kinds

Taking A Long-Overdue Sledgehammer To The Public Library
September 10, 2014

The day after the Oakland Public Library reopens after a long weekend, branch manager Nick Raymond doesn't have time to talk. "I could give you maybe five seconds," he says good-naturedly before returning to the flocking patrons.

It's a scene more typical of a blockbuster opening at a movie theater than Wednesday afternoon at a library. But Raymond manages a different kind of collection: Oakland is among a growing number of libraries across the U.S. that lend tools--as in awls, sledgehammers, and hacksaws--as well as other unexpected items like bakeware,

Is Amazon Poised to Steal Print On Demand?
September 4, 2014

Many saw Print On Demand (POD) as the ultimate 'just in time' production solution to book publishing, which would wipe out all the inefficiencies of the 'just in case' approach that plagues the book supply chain. So why didn't it happen, or did it happen for some and not for others? Is there a new dawn, or just a new set of people who have been sold a pup and not looked hard at the facts?

Today we read that Barnes and Noble are installing Espresso Book Machines in three of their stores

B&N Tests Espresso Book Machines in Stores as the Kodak-OnDemandBooks Partnership Falls Through
September 3, 2014

Once hailed as the future of the book industry, print on demand has a solid niche in said industry but lately it seems to be treading water. Whenever we read of potential steps forward like Books-a-Million or B&N installing  Espresso Book Machines in their stores, the great news is cancelled out by similar pilots falling through. I am happy to report today that Barnes & Noble is starting a pilot program in three of its stores, but the good news is tempered by by the news that Kodak's partnership with OnDemandBooks has collapsed.

Google and Barnes & Noble Unite to Take On Amazon
August 7, 2014

Google and Barnes & Noble are joining forces to tackle their mutual rival Amazon, zeroing in on a service that Amazon has long dominated: the fast, cheap delivery of books.

Starting on Thursday, book buyers in Manhattan, West Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to get same-day deliveries from local Barnes & Noble stores through Google Shopping Express, Google's fledgling online shopping and delivery service.

Public Access Goes Beyond OA
August 6, 2014

While open access (OA) is by far the most well-known form of public access, it is not the only one. Having spent two days last week at Research4Life meetings in Washington, DC and with today's announcement that more than 80% of UK local authorities have now signed up for the Access to Research initiative, now seems like a good time to take a look at what else is on offer. R4L - and especially the HINARI program - is, of course, the Big Kahuna of public access programs. Access is free to

In Italy, Feltrinelli’s New RED Store Aims at Young Techies
August 5, 2014

Are we seeing a mini-resurgence of physical bookshops, a move towards more carefully designed spaces, places that make you want to linger? First, it was the grand remaking of Foyles in London's Charing Cross Road, which led to much discussion on what a bookshop of the future should look like. Now, in Florence, the Italian publisher and bookseller Feltrinelli has opened its second RED store, part of a distinct move aimed at attracting those younger, digitally aware customers

New Ereading Platform Bridges the Gap Between Publishers and Teachers
August 1, 2014

Qlovi, an ebook distribution platform for K-12 learning, has one foot in trade publishing and one in the classroom, says Shira Schindel, vice president of content acquisitions. "We are in a great position to help those industries connect," says Schindel, "There are many challenges in the educational market that are not always on the forefront of a publisher's mind."

Minding the Bookstore Redux: How a Mentality Turned into a Mistake
August 1, 2014

A few years ago, when I was reading several annual SEC reports from the soon-to-be defunct Borders Group, I came across a sentence that not only defined the dysfunction of one retailer, but the dangerous mindset that has been crippling the book industry for decades.

Publishers Lose First Round of Lawsuit Against Used Ebook Marketplace
July 22, 2014

In a stunning upset, used ebook marketplace Tom Kabinet has survived its first round of legal battles today in the Netherlands. A judge for the District Court of Amsterdam has ruled today that Tom Kabinet can continue to operate while it is being sued in court. Launched just over a month ago, Tom Kabinet enables users to resell ebooks, both DRM-free and ebooks protected by digital watermarks (but not ebooks encumbered by Adobe DRM). The site was in operation for only 8 days

Why Amazon's 'Netflix for books' Might be Doomed Before It Starts
July 21, 2014

"The everything store" was never the extent of Amazon's ambition. Jeff Bezos has built a business that is, ultimately, about offering every kind of access to every kind of thing. You can buy shoes and coyote urine, subscribe to periodicals and deodorant, stream music and movies and TV shows. Oddly, books have been the holdout, as Amazon's fights with publishers have largely kept it from experimenting with new forms of packaging and distribution.

That's what's so exciting about Kindle Unlimited, the $9.99 / month subscription reading service Amazon appears to be ready to launch.

Polish Book Chains Re-imagine Stores, Expand to Small Cities
July 15, 2014

The recent takeover of Poland's second-largest bookstore chain Matras could define the direction in which the country's book market will move over the next several years. Two rival chains, Empik and Matras, are experimenting with new store formats and expanding into smaller cities to reach out to readers.

The takeover of Matras by businessman Jerzy Kowalewski marks the end of a long saga for the bookstore chain. Rumors of its potential acquisition by a new investor date back to at least 2012 

Amazon Promotes a Hachette Title That It’s Not Willing to Provide on Pre-order
July 2, 2014

Amazon calls Edan Lepucki's new book California one of the "best books of July," but the highly anticipated novel about a post-apocalyptic world has been caught in a real-life battle. Lepucki finds herself in the cross fire between Amazon and her publishing house Hachette, which have been in a contract dispute for months now. As a bargaining tactic, Amazon has been delaying shipments of some books, and in the case of Lepucki, refusing to make the title available for pre-order.

World Book Night U.S. Suspending Operations
July 2, 2014

Citing a lack of funding from outside the book industry, World Book Night U.S. is suspending operations.

Executive director Carl Lennertz said, "This has been a remarkable, passionate undertaking, and it has been a success by all measures, except for one: outside funding. For three years, the publishing industry and book community have very generously footed the bill and contributed enormous time and effort, and my gratitude for all of that is immeasurable. For us here at World Book Night, this experience has been life-changing