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How The Digital Revolution Can Fix Scientific Publishing And Speed Up Discoveries

Scientific publishing September 2, 2014

Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM) publishing is big business. It generates $19 billion in revenue per year, the majority of which is earned by...

A Year in Reading Data from Scribd

scribd logo icon September 2, 2014

Scribd's ebook subscription service has reached the one-year mark. In honor of this milestone, Scribd has provided Book Business with the below infographic which includes...

Sony Now Selling DPT-S1 PDF Reader Online Sans Restrictions

Sony 13 inch reader August 29, 2014

Earlier this year, Sony decided to bring their giant 13.3-inch E Ink PDF reader to the United States after an initial release in Japan,...

ReadUps Hopes to be the Next Social Reading Sensation

Publishing Pioneers August 28, 2014

"Social reading" is a concept that continues to gain momentum in today's publishing industry, propelling the likes of Medium and Wattpad to widespread popularity....

The LA School iPad Scandal: What You Need To Know

ipad and ebooks August 27, 2014

A massive expansion of classroom technology has come to a grinding halt in Los Angeles. The LA Unified School District had planned to buy...

Florida University Lets Students Buy Titles for Its Ebook-only Library

ebook tablet August 27, 2014

It's not uncommon for libraries to offer ebooks in addition to dead-tree copies, but the newly opened Florida Polytechnic University takes its digital tome...

7 Digital Business Strategies for Educational Publishers

August 25, 2014

Educational publishers have invested heavily in digitizing their content, but many are disappointed with the market's response. That is because widespread digitization has led...

Press Release: HarperCollins Partners with Humble Bundle

BB0213_HarperCollins August 21, 2014

Today, Humble Bundle teamed up with HarperCollins Publishers to launch the Humble Bookperk Bundle on . Customers can pay what they want for a...

How 'Google Science' Could Transform Academic Publishing

New Google Logo August 20, 2014

Google is allegedly working on a free, open access platform for the research, collaboration and publishing of peer-reviewed scientific journals. At least, that is...

Amazon’s Fan-Fiction Portal Kindle Worlds Is a Bust for Fans, and for Writers Too

Kindle Worlds August 20, 2014

It sounded like a good idea: fans of cultural figures like Kurt Vonnegut and G.I. Joe get permission to use their favorite characters to create new stories...