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Why My Kindle is Still Part of My Mobile Reading

Kindle Voyage December 8, 2014

Generally speaking, my purchasing strategy is to avoid device lock-in. It's hard to avoid any sort of lock-in, so I'm more willing to lock...

Barnes & Noble And Microsoft Call Off Their Nook Partnership

Barnes & Noble Logo December 4, 2014

In the middle of yet another disappointing earnings report Thursday, Barnes & Noble announced that it's terminating the strategic partnership it formed with Microsoft in...

Mickey and Math? Disney Launches Education Apps

Disney December 4, 2014

The Walt Disney Co. is launching a new line of learning tools designed to help parents encourage kids 3 to 8 to learn outside...

Amazon's Bezos Thinks Ebooks Made the Book Industry Healthier

amazon logo December 3, 2014

"The book industry is in better shape than it ever has been and it's due to ebooks," Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told an audience...

Amazon's Tablet Strategy Appears to Pay Off as Kindle, Fire Sales Jump

New Kindle Fire Lineup December 2, 2014

As shoppers turned increasingly to Amazon ( AMZN ) for their Black Friday shopping needs, the company's hardware strategy appears to be paying off with...

Big Idea: How Books Can Move Beyond the "Tradigital"

bb1214_Belfanti_ART December 2014

Publishers and educators need to move beyond the "tradigital." Too many digitally delivered products today are based on content that was originally conceived for the...

Big Idea: The Future of Ebooks Is on the Web

bb1214_Dawson_ART December 2014

Years from now, we'll look back on 2014 as the year the web came for our books. It was in August of 2014 when...

Big Idea: Bringing Instincts Back to Book Acquisitions

bb1214_Mason_ART December 2014

There are agents and editors working in book publishing who may love a new project under consideration but realize they cannot justify it given the...

Big Idea: These Books Are Made for Reading (Not Just Selling)

bb1214_Lorch_ART December 2014

You may have noticed that in recent discussions about ebooks, the word "reading" has somehow gone missing. The talk is all about selling, pricing, royalties,...

Big Idea: Ebook Technology & Reader Privacy Are Compatible

bb1214_Roskill_ART December 2014

The media has recently shined a light on privacy and security issues related to the use of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) by many libraries' ebook...