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What Is Editorial Independence And How Does It Impact Publishing?

The Scholarly Kitchen May 1, 2015

On the surface this feels like such a straight-forward question one might wonder why we would even cover it. However, this question is filled...

Harvard University Press on Printing in the Digital Age

Harvard University Press April 29, 2015

By 2014, e-books accounted for 27.2 percent of adult trade book sales, according to the Association of American Publishers. And now, like other publishers, HUP...

Book Marketing Today: It's About Developing Fans

Reedpop logo April 28, 2015

Speaking at Klopotek's Publishers Forum today, Lance Fensterman, Global Senior Vice President of ReedPop - the organization that produces BookCon, New York ComicCon, and many events...

Debunking the Discovery Problem

Joe Wikert April 27, 2015

Ever since ebooks gained traction the publishing industry has obsessed with what's typically referred to as "the discovery problem." The common wisdom is that...

Pearson Says Restructuring Costs Set to Fall as Sales Sputter

Pearson logo 2014 April 24, 2015

Pearson Plc said restructuring costs are set to decline in 2015 after two years of job cuts and reorganization, helping the publisher of the...

Penguin Random House Offers Free Books Through Promotion with Hailo Cab Service

Hailo Cab Service April 24, 2015

enguin Random House UK and taxi ordering app Hailo have partnered on a new scheme which will see free physical and audiobooks given away. Free...

DC and Random House Partner to Create Graphic Novels for Young Girls

DC Graphic Novels for Girls April 23, 2015

DC Comics has announced an "unprecedented" scheme to  repackage its female superheroes and supervillains for girls aged 6-12. The initiative will introduce a new, cartoonish...

Penguin Random House Ups Its D2C Efforts With Site Relaunch

New PRH Website April 23, 2015

Penguin Random House relaunched its website yesterday, designing the new platform to drive book discovery and build community -- and perhaps most importantly, collect data...

Can Publishers Compete As Content Marketers? 4 Advantages They Have

Brian O'Leary New April 22, 2015

Publishers that see the value of conversion architectures and content marketing may still wonder, "Can we really compete in this space?" I'm strongly arguing yes,...

Personalized Picture Book Becomes Runaway Bestseller in UK

Lost My Name Picture Book April 22, 2015

Not available on the high street or from Amazon, The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost Her/His Name sold 132,000 copies in the UK alone in...