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Little Brown to Publish Lego Graphic Novels

Lego Graphic Novel March 17, 2015

Papercutz' lucrative graphic novel license with the Lego Group is coming to an end, with publishing rival Little, Brown announcing an agreement to begin releasing...

What We Got Wrong About Books

The Scholarly Kitchen March 12, 2015

It is one of the cruel truisms of the book business that publishers rarely have much insight into how their products are actually used. This...

Indiana Dumps CTB-McGraw Hill, Picks Pearson to Create Future ISTEP

Standardized Testing March 12, 2015

Indiana appears ready to ditch the company that creates ISTEP after years of testing problems, but the cost of delivering Indiana's state tests could...

New Predatory Publishing in Old Bottles

Inside Higher Ed Logo March 11, 2015

Many academic authors by now have heard the phrase "predatory publishers." It's usually associated with a list of fraudulent  pseudo-publishing operations maintained by Jeffrey Beall, whose...

Self-Publishing Lets Women Break Book Industry's Glass Ceiling, Survey Finds

FicShelf March 10, 2015

If a woman writing fiction needs "money and a room of her own", as Virginia Woolf suggested , writers at the beginning of the...

This Beijing Subway Now Has a Library of Free Ebooks for Passengers

Subway Moscow March 9, 2015

On the subway in Beijing, as in most cities with underground Wi-Fi connections, commuters usually spend their rides mindlessly staring at their phones, scrolling...

Announcing the Launch of “Book Business Insight,” Replacing Publishing Business Today

Book Business Insight Logo March 9, 2015

Book Business is excited to announce the launch of the daily Book Business Insight newsletter, which will replace Publishing Business Today (PBT). Where PBT...

Strange Bedfellows: Amazon Sets Up Shop On Alibaba site

Gigaom Logo New March 6, 2015 has opened an online presence on rival Alibaba's Tmall superstore, according to Reuters and other outlets citing an Alibaba spokesman. Amazon and Alibaba are...

Understanding the Big Picture of the Five Ed Tech Trends Highlighted in the 2014 Learning Impact Report

IMS Global March 4, 2015

This week  IMS Global  released the  2014 Learning Impact Report  which summarizes trends we are seeing in the ed tech sector based on the current...

Publisher Revenues Down As Ebook Buying Slows

techcrunch March 3, 2015

Publishing conglomerates Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster are facing tough times this quarter as ebook sales fell and total profit dropped 5.6%...