Integrating the Publishing Process from End to End

Sponsored by: Canon Solutions America
Speakers: Regan L. Parker, Business Development Director,Thomson-Shore, Inc.; Peter Berkery, Executive Director, Association of American University Press

One of the key issues associated with emerging digital technologies is how it transforms traditional relationships during the process of moving a product from its source inputs to its final customer. No industry has experienced greater transformation than the book publishing market. Some 48.3 million iPads, Android tablets, and e-readers were sold to U.S. consumers in 2011, and about half that amount were sold in the previous year, according to NPD Group. This is forcing book publishers to adapt quickly and consider distributing content through traditional and electronic channels.

This webinar will explore:

  • The continued market transformation across a variety of book publishing segments
  • What publishers need
  • The solutions and partnerships available to support effective cross-channel delivery and integrate interactive content
  • The benefits to publishers for leveraging the latest technologies

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