On-Demand is in Demand for Books

Sponsored by: Canon Solutions America
Speakers: Angela Bole, Executive Director, Independent Book Publishers Association; John J. Edwards, President and CEO, Edwards Brothers Malloy, Inc.; Nadine Vassallo, Project Manager for Research & Information, Book Industry Study Group (BISG)

There are few industries that have been through more changes in recent years than the book business. It is a market confronted with changing reading habits, the emergence of tablets and mobile devices and the demise bookstores… all signaling a major industry transformation.

While huge demand for books continues to exist, book publishers are more interested than ever in embracing book production efficiencies that generate greater profits. In this webinar, you will hear from industry leaders about:

  • Critical market trends within their book market segment
  • Why on-demand technologies are so important
  • Business implications for digital technology

When you put it all together, the area of “on-demand” books offers the prospect of growing sales, revenues, and profits for both publishers and print service providers.

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