Free Webinar: Print to Digital, Digital First, Simultaneous Publishing – What’s Your Strategy?

Sponsored by: SPi Global
Speakers: John Wheeler, SVP, Strategy and Emerging Technologies, SPi Global

The transformations that have taken place in the publishing industry over the past decade, let alone the past year or two, and the impact those changes are having on publishing companies worldwide are nearly impossible to summarize. A comment reported in Book Business magazine five years ago from Will Pesce- then-President and CEO of John Wiley & Sons-demonstrates the effects of what many analysts have called “the perfect storm” plaguing the industry: “Over the past five years, we have introduced more new business models than we had in the previous 193 years, in part because we are no longer limited by the physicality of books or journals.”

Today, publishers need a unified content strategy in order to prepare their content for multichannel delivery. But, what may work for one publisher, may not be the right strategy for another. The crucial point for publishers today is to structure their content in a way to create multichannel outputs and re-use where printed books and eBooks represent only two possible delivery channels.

In this webinar, we will discuss:
– The benefits and pitfalls of each print and digital strategy
– Which strategy would potentially maximize my content?
– How do I maximize the workflows on the print and digital side to maximize my content’s potential?
– Does it make financial and strategic sense to partner with a company using each strategy?

Sponsored by SPi Global

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