Brian O'Leary

Brian O'Leary

Brian O’Leary is the founder and principal of Magellan Media Partners, a publishing consultant that helps enterprises with media and publishing components.

7 Ways Book Publishers Can Establish D2C Marketing & Sales

This article is the third installment of a feature written by book marketing consultant and BISG director Brian O’Leary. Part 1 and 2 of this article appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of Book Business. View the complete feature on D2C marketing here. Part 3: Keys to Building Your D2C & Content Marketing Skillset Book…

How to Drive Book Sales With Audience Development & Content Marketing Tactics

Part 1: Using Feedback Loops & Conversion Architectures Direct-to-consumer marketing requires a paradigm shift for many book publishers. We haven’t traditionally thought about using content to attract readers as a step toward establishing ongoing, direct relationships. Nor do we think as much about understanding the experience our readers have with our books, beyond the moment…

Big Idea: Growing the Book Industry's Pie

There's a school of thought that contends the publishing market is a "fixed pie," in which total revenues are flat and unlikely to change.  While the marketplace has reached a limit when it comes to traditional book buying, publishers can still grow the pie by capitalizing on the opportunities digital media and platforms present to package, distribute, and sell content in new ways.