Dan Eldridge

Dan Eldridge

Dan Eldridge is a journalist and guidebook author based in Philadelphia’s historic Old City district, where he and his partner own and operate Kaya Aerial Yoga, the city’s only aerial yoga studio. A longtime cultural reporter, Eldridge also writes about small business and entrepreneurship, travel, and the publishing industry. Follow him on Twitter at @YoungPioneers.

How Open Road Uses Agile Marketing to Power Growth

When Open Road Integrated Media was founded by former HarperCollins CEO Jane Friedman in 2009, the industry as a whole was still fumbling over ebooks and the uncertain financial impact of digital publishing. Indeed, it was the rare publishing house that demanded digital rights in its contracts, and that was precisely why Open Road’s business…

Corner Office: Soho Press Publisher Says D2C Efforts Key to Its Bestseller Success

As one of the smallest but also one of the more successful independent houses operating in New York City today, Soho Press has been publishing award-winning literary fiction from its Manhattan headquarters for some 30 years. The publisher's international crime imprint, meanwhile, for which Soho Press is perhaps best known, is currently celebrating its 25th…

The State of the University Press

When Alison Mudditt took over as the new director of the University of California Press a little over three years ago, after spending nearly a quarter-century working in the scholarly publishing space for commercial houses like Blackwell and Taylor & Francis, to say she had her work cut out for her would be a tragic understatement

A Look At Audiobook Solutions and Providers

The Audiobook Creation Exchange, or ACX, is already having a significant effect on the manner in which the industry does business, largely by offering publishers both large and small easier access to the means of production.

10 Tips for Finding Your Ebook Conversion Vendor

Now that Amazon has announced that it's selling more books in digital form than in print, it's only logical that even the smallest of independent publishing houses are racing to make their entire backlist available as ebooks. Book Business solicited a wide range of advice about the ebook conversion process from digital publishing pros. Here's what they had to say:

Getting Your Words' Worth

Scores of our generation's most celebrated authors have famously waxed poetic about the joys of using the original 20-volume "Oxford English Dictionary." David Foster Wallace, for instance, had a well-documented obsession with the OED. Simon Winchester wrote not one, but two nonfiction books about the dictionary's history. Even J.R.R. Tolkien, who briefly worked on the OED (he was assigned to the letter "W"), spoke fondly of his time there. But the simple fact is this: When I need to know the correct spelling of, say, "onomatopoeia," or "conscientious" or "hierarchy," there's a decent chance I'll be heading straight to Dictionary.com.