Editorial Intern

Editorial Intern
New Study Reveals Strength of Copyright Industries

A new study released today by the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) reveals that core copyright industries contributed more than $1 trillion in value in 2012 to the U.S. economy (almost 6.5% of the total U.S. GDP). The study, Copyright Industries in the U.S. Economy: The 2013 Report, records the economic influence and contributions of industries in the U.S. dealing with the creation, production, distribution, broadcasting and exhibition of copyright materials. 

Book Access is A Win-Win

Last week, the first 24-hour library vending machine in the United States was opened in Norman Oklahoma. Lacking the necessary funds to open new libraries, The Pioneer Library System decided that this was the best way to provide library services to people in an area without a nearby library branch. These types of machines have become popular in China, particularly in small cities and towns lacking branch libraries. 

Remembering Why We Read

I'll admit that up until a couple of weeks ago, I had fallen out of the habit of reading for pure enjoyment. Being in school and having one to two books to read a week for classes has made it difficult for me to find the energy in my spare time to sit down and pick up yet another book, even though prior to college, it was rare for me to not be reading a book on my own time. Over the past couple of years, my just-for-me reading had been reduced to a few books read over summer vacations, and it has been an issue weighing upon my mind that I have intended to fix for a while, but I have struggled to find the motivation. 


Self-Publishing after Porn Scandal

With the rise of eBooks has come another trend that has been considered a threat to the publishing industry: self-publishing. It's not too difficult to discover the source of intimidation for traditional publishers. After all, what could be a more dismal prospect than writers and authors being able to completely overlook and set aside traditional publishers and publish their works on their own. But, it's not quite that simple. Considering the recent eBook porn scandal, forcing eBook sellers such as Kobo, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble to re-evaluate their screening methods for self-published books, it's clear that the self-publishing process has its flaws.