Jennifer Yu

Jennifer Yu
Is Digital Printing the Key to a More Nimble Industry?

Though ebook consumption and self-publishing have eaten into traditional book sales, publishers still rely heavily on profits from printed volumes. And new technology is enabling publishers to bring these books to market more efficiently and more profitably. In fact, the publishing industry's sustainability just might hinge on such nimble approaches to business...

Riffle Offers a New Take on Social Reading

Neil Baptista hopes that booklovers everywhere are adding another site to their go-to social media bookmarks: Riffle. As founder and CEO of the startup, Baptista wanted to create a website where readers, bloggers, and bookstore owners alike could come together and share their bookshelves -- and thoughts -- with each other.

How Digital Printing Can Reduce Risk and Offer Access to New Markets

We spoke to Kirby Best, President and CEO of Performance Scrubs and former book printer, about the opportunities digital printing provides for publishers, and how on-demand printing can help publishers reach new markets. Kirby will present his insights on new publishing opportunities in "Confessions of a Former Book Manufacturer" at the Digital Book Printing Conference on Nov. 19.