Content Strategy

Rodale Inc. and Rodale Books to Launch Rodale Wellness
October 6, 2015 at 2:20 pm

Rodale Inc. and Rodale Books will launch Rodale Wellness. This project will serve as an online hub of wellness-related content and a commerce website. Some of the items being posted include a daily newsletter, a workout playlist, and exercise demonstration videos.

Forget the Book, Have You Read This Irresistible Story on Blurbs?
September 28, 2015 at 11:50 am

Whatever the old adage might warn, there is a bit of merit to judging a book by its cover — if only in one respect. Consider the blurb, one of the most pervasive, longest-running — and, at times, controversial — tools in the publishing industry. For such a curious word, the term "blurb" has amassed…

Why Ad Blockers Will Help Content Evolve
September 21, 2015 at 1:28 pm

Ad blocking is one of the more controversial features of Apple’s new iOS release. Apple prefers to call it “content blocking,” but it’s mostly intended to block all those pesky website ads that nag us every day. Publishers are, of course, totally freaked out at the prospect of their content being consumed without monetizing the…

Thinking About Internet Scale
July 21, 2015

Those of us who labor in scholarly publishing can be forgiven for thinking that the world is a tiny place. The academic journal, the keystone of our industry, cumulatively brings in about $10 billion a year, not enough to get the CEOs of Uber or Pinterest out of bed in the morning; and the book, the much-despised book, is in retreat everywhere. While librarians continue to insist that there are huge publishers out there, corporations so big that they have a stranglehold on the academic community, if not the world overall, the actual figures

Despite growth of digital publishing, cookbooks remain steadfastly old school
November 21, 2014

A few years ago, Ken Hagemann was drawn to what he thought was the future of cookbooks. Lured by the ease and searchability promised by e-books and apps, he purged most of his old school volumes. But instead of a digital culinary epiphany, he found only disappointment. "You can't get the spirit and the intent of the author," says the 46-year-old systems analyst and avid cook from Arlington, Virginia. "You can get 100 recipes that cover the Italian regions, but that doesn't make it an Italian cookbook."

William Boyd Writes Land Rover-Sponsored Book
November 14, 2014

Soon after turning out the latest James Bond novel, British author William Boyd agreed to write another thriller based on a world famous brand. The Land Rover. Boyd's nearly 17,000-word story, "The Vanishing Game," coming out Wednesday as a free download through, Apple and , tells of a 35-year-old British actor named Alec Dunbar and the troubles he encounters when a pretty young woman convinces him to deliver a flask filled with clear liquid from London to Scotland. His transport is a certain four-wheel-drive vehicle.