Random House Television Launched
July 25, 2012

FremantleMedia and Random House, two companies owned by the Bertelsmann AG media conglomerate, have teamed up to create Random House Television. The new entity will focus on creating and developing television content from Random House books.

Four Keys for Creating Successful Distribution to Retailers (Not Just Bookstores)
July 20, 2012

Every publisher wants to increase book sales through bookstores. However, sales through other retail outlets can also increase the volume and velocity of your revenue. These include discount stores, airport stores, supermarkets, gift shops, specialty stores, pharmacies and many others. Each of these segments has a pre-ordained distribution network, and you must work within that structure to get your book on the stores’ shelves.

Simon & Schuster Reaches Out to Teen Readers Through Texting
July 16, 2012

Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing has teamed up with Mobile Commons to launch a new texting program for YA readers.


Fans of Scott Westerfeld‘s Leviathan trilogy can text “SCOTT” to a special shortcode to try to win a coffee date with him, talk about his books and learn more about future contests. 

Warehouse Filled with Book Sculptures
July 13, 2012

How did the last book you read make you feel? Hachette Australia produced a beautiful new video spelling out emotions with giant stacks of books, filling a giant warehouse with book sculptures.

CafePress Teams Up With Penguin Books to Feature Storybook Favorites on Children's Gear
July 12, 2012

CafePress Inc. (PRSS), The World's Customization Engine, has partnered with publisher Penguin Group (USA) to launch a new online store featuring a curated selection of products showcasing more than 80 years of stories that have sparked young readers' imaginations. Whether it's Corduroy's unplanned adventures, Froggy's continual mishaps or Ladybug Girl's endless imagination, children love todevour anything and everything about their favorite fictional characters.

Winning the Reading War: Converting the elusive "reluctant reader"
July 10, 2012

I hated reading as a boy. Thats probably not the thing youd expect from a professional writer and producer with a debut novel about to publish, but its 100% true. To me, reading was hard and I was embarrassed that I wasnt very good at it. I learned quickly that, like sports, if reading wasnt something I could win at then it was best avoided. Of course, a nine-year-old schoolboy couldnt fully avoid reading, though I did my best. In many ways, times havent changed. Recently, the UKs National Literacy Trust released a report outlining the challenges of getting

Self-published automation book is out, with researched price and title
July 9, 2012

"Back in January, Cory re-posted my analysis of the reader survey I used to determine the price and title of my newly self-published book. Self publishing has been a fascinating process, and the survey actually led me to price the book higher ($50) than I had originally thought was feasible. That's $8 less than my publisher was charging, but high enough to give me discounting flexibility.

Beyond Bricks and Clicks: How to Create Hybrid Sources of Revenue
July 9, 2012

It is difficult to make a living as an independent publisher if you view yourself as a purveyor of books through bookstores. Typically, when one responds, “I’m an author,” to the question, “What do you do for a living?” the inquiring party usually follows with, “But what do you do to earn money?” However, if you reply, “I’m a publishing professional,” you are usually received with nodding understanding. The difference is as enormous as it is subtle. A publishing professional runs a business, relying on multiple streams of revenue for maximum income.

Relying exclusively on book sales can limit your income. This wall might be reached because of seasonal demand for your content, or your reliance on sales only through bookstores: bricks and clicks. You may have a small target market, inadequate planning or insufficient funds for promotion. The list goes on. But the fact remains that a variety of circumstances can conspire to limit the sale of your books, and subsequently your income.

Simon & Schuster to Add QR Codes to Book Jackets
July 3, 2012

 Come fall, the glossy book jackets of every new Simon & Schuster hardcover and trade paperback will feature a QR code in an effort to bolster newsletter signups. Scanning a code will send consumers to an author?s mobile page on S&S?s website. There, they are encouraged to sign up for email alerts, browse the author?s other publications and, when available, watch a video interview with the author. It?s designed as a low-budget marketing technique, says Ellie Hirschhorn, executive vice president and chief digital officer at S&S. ?The QR code is a way

The Rise and Meaning of Content Marketing
July 1, 2012

Content marketing is the hot new term in the world of marketing. As it is when anything new and potentially revolutionary comes along, confusion and fear about this new 12-headed beast are running rampant. I've heard some bewildering arguments against content marketing that were based on little more than fear and "yeah, well, my second cousin the web geek told me xyz" reactionary belligerence.