50 Tips for Promoting Your Book: Tips 1-25
May 4, 2012

When you first publish, nobody has heard of the author or the book, so your initial promotion is the key to success. But if you focus only on social media you will miss many opportunities to reach prospective buyers. An assorted, persuasive and targeted promotional mix should maximize your sales, revenue and profits.

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Before Putting Anything Else on the Internet!
May 1, 2012

The tools we use to find content are changing and becoming more intelligent. Google can now distinguish between content that people find actually useful and content that has been perfectly optimized to game their system. Obviously, it is in Google's interest not to be gamed.

Marketing in the White Space: A different approach to market segmentation
April 27, 2012

Maket segmentation is the process of dividing your overall sales opportunity into unique, defined, manageable groups of people. You know this as a fundamental marketing technique, but if you look at it in a new way it is even more likely to increase your sales, revenue and profits.

Locating opportunities that are not immediately visible is what I call “marketing in the white space”—the undefined area surrounding the segments, the places where you can create new sales in uncontested market space where your competition is irrelevant. Here, demand is created rather than fought over, and growth may be profitable and rapid.

Maximize Your Trade Show Experience
April 18, 2012

I have exhibited or attended each of the last 22 BookExpo America shows, and I served my time as a trade-show manager for Fortune 500 companies. I understand what makes a profitable experience at such an event. My BEA experiences have shown me that book publishers could do a great deal more to improve the results they get from their exhibiting expenditures.

The exhibitors’ focus is on the authors because they are trying to sell their books. And that is where they go wrong. They could sell more books by translating how the content of the books can benefit the customers. Let’s take the focus off of glitz and put it where it belongs: consummating large-quantity sales and making the contacts that can lead to future sales.

Snoop Dogg to Release Smokable Book
April 10, 2012

Rapper Snoop Dogg is about to enter the book publishing market with a book that you can not only read, but smoke.


Time reported that "Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook" will be released from Snoop as a marketing campaign for his new Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers.

In a video for the book, Snoop Dogg says that the book reprints lyrics to his past songs like "G-Thang" and "Gin and Juice." He tells fans, "This thing can also be smoked with some of your finest, where you at or however you at."

Sex, Love and Romance, $9.99 a Month
April 9, 2012

In a move to build community and learn more about its customers, mid-sized publisher Sourcebooks is launching a romance e-book club that gives members e-books, discounts and access to online parties and live events for $9.99 per month.

The club, Discover a New Love, lets members choose one DRM-free e-book from a selection of four each month. (Right now, a 6-month prepaid membership for $9.99 per month is available.) Those who want to buy additional e-books can do so at a discount.

Seth Godin on Libraries, Literary Agents and the Future of Book Publishing as We Know It
March 5, 2012

When Seth Godin speaks, people sit up and listen, even if they’re the CEO of one of the Big 6 publishers. He raised eyebrows with his decision to leave the traditional book publishing industry in order to form his own entity called The Domino Project. But when he made the decision to move on after 12 bestsellers, tongues wagged. Had his precious experiment failed or, knowing Godin, was something greater in store?

How to Build a Successful Marketing Platform
March 2, 2012

Actors use a physical platform to raise themselves above their audiences, focusing the attention on themselves so that they can more easily be seen and heard. The concept of building a marketing platform is not dissimilar. Publishers generally assume that if their authors’ platforms are significant enough, potential buyers will either buy their book upon its publication or spread the word about it to others. But this is often not the case. Simply because people have heard of you or have befriended you on Facebook does not necessarily mean they will buy your book or support its introduction.

SEO Is Dead. 
CDO Rules
March 1, 2012

To all you publishers who are struggling and stressing about catching up on the latest techniques for search engine optimization (SEO) in the hopes that your books will become more easily discovered by searchers:

Stop. Take a breath. SEO is dead. We've entered the days beyond SEO. We're now playing a new game.

Since the earliest days of search (remember AltaVista?!), search engines have been locked in a battle with Web developers for control over their search engine results pages.

The Customer Value Proposition: A New Twist on an Old Marketing Technique
February 22, 2012

There is a fairly common marketing concept that can help you write a better press release, perform more successfully on the air, and sell more books in large, non-returnable quantities to corporate buyers. It is called a Customer Value Proposition (CVP) and it is a concise way to clearly and quickly portray to prospective buyers how your content can benefit them.