Press ‘P’ for Printing and for Progress
April 19, 2022

New printing technologies have improved quality, reliability, speed, and sustainability in the sector, writes ‘PW’ international correspondent Teri Tan.

Examining Paper Shortages and Publishing Worker Unrest
March 24, 2022

A webinar presented by 'PW' with support from Westchester Publishing Services on March 22 examined continuing supply chain issues as well as the growing frustration employees have in establishing a healthy work/life balance.

The Printing Squeeze Is On
March 15, 2022 at 1:00 am

A new survey of its members by the Book Manufacturers' Institute found print capacity for both hardcover and softcover books is running at more than 80%.

Looking for Answers to Paper Shortages
February 24, 2022

In a recent webinar, speakers said the paper shortage is likely to get worse before it gets better, and offered up a few ideas for how publishers can cope with the challenge.

Looking for Answers to Supply Chain Challenges
October 7, 2021

The supply chain issues facing the book business this holiday season and beyond were years in the making and there are no quick fixes, experts agreed in a webinar held on October 6 by PW and Westchester Publishing Services.

Leveraging Close Collaborations at Jade Productions
July 23, 2021

Working around pandemic-induced constraints has been keeping Jade Productions managing director Ken Kong busy. With cross-border travel restrictions still in place, his team is unable to visit factories in mainland China to supervise the manufacturing process. And while the pandemic is largely under control within Hong Kong, with most workers having returned to the office,…

Artron Focuses on Art Books and Digital Printing
July 23, 2021

The last time 'PW' wrote about Artron was in 2016, soon after it completed Peter Lik’s epic 'Equation of Time', a 528-page large-format photography book that was printed digitally on a Screen TruePress Jet SX inkjet press. Since then, the company’s digital/on-demand printing business and machinery lineup have grown significantly.