The Readius E-reader Lives!
May 10, 2011

A novel e-reader, long thought dead, has risen from the grave.

Polymer Vision, a Philipps spin-off, unveiled the Readius back in 2008 (at right). This was a truly unique device with a 5″ folding E-ink screen. Unfortunately the company lost their funding in 2009. …

I’ve been getting “we’re not dead yet” updates for 18 months now, and I can finally show you the new design. … There’s no word yet on when it will be released, but at least we know it’s still under development.

Nook Color Update Brings Froyo, Email, And Apps To The Color “Ereader”
April 25, 2011

The Nook Color has always been considered a wannabe Android tablet and the latest update makes the 7–incher more tablet than ereader. Previously, modders opened up the platform to all sorts of Android tomfoolery, allowing users to run nearly stock Android builds that brought email, proper web browsing and apps to the device. Never mind that nonsense, Barnes & Noble just added those features themselves.

Really Strategies Announces RSuite Cloud
February 2, 2011

(Press Release) Audubon, Pa., February 1, 2011—Really Strategies announced today the availability of RSuite Cloud, a web-based editorial and production system for automated multilingual publishing to print, web, and eBook formats.

Publishers' Outlook 2011
January 1, 2011

Book publishers seem to be focused more on opportunities than challenges—or perhaps it's a case of seeing ways to turn the latter into the former.

Tablets: The Ministry Has Fallen ... They are Coming, They are Coming
December 14, 2010

Like many people, I reacted with a blend of anticipation but skepticism (let's call it skeptitation) when the iPad dropped earlier this year. The hype around technology products, and Apple products in particular, can be overwhelming. I rage against this over-hyping as much as I can, but there is no denying that the iPad has made a significant impact on information providers and their strategies.