Understanding the Big Picture of the Five Ed Tech Trends Highlighted in the 2014 Learning Impact Report
March 4, 2015

This week IMS Global released the 2014 Learning Impact Report which summarizes trends we are seeing in the ed tech sector based on the current year and historical winners of IMS's annual Learning Impact competition. Many thanks to those that participated in the competition from around the world and, of course, the evaluators and editorial panel! Ed tech researchers or leaders interested in helping with the Learning Impact work in the future please contact us!

A Tribute to the Printer Aldus Manutius, and the Roots of the Paperback
March 4, 2015

CURIOUS strollers in early-16th-century Venice might have paused by the shop of the great printer Aldus Manutius only to be scared off by a stern warning posted over the door. "Whoever you are, Aldus asks you again and again what it is you want from him," it read. "State your business briefly, and then immediately go away." To state the current business at hand briefly, Aldus is the subject of a new exhibition commemorating the 500th anniversary of his death - and the birth of reading as we know it.

How to Streamline Digital and Print Workflows
January 23, 2015

Publishers are reassessing tried-and-true workflows in the digital age because what we are now producing is not print books, but content. Content that must be available for export to any format-print, ebook, web-and that must not be locked within any one of those formats. Here at F+W, we are launching our content management system (CMS) to do just that. We have partnered with Librios, a company that allows us to customize their CMS for our own workflows.

Here are three takeaways that became apparent early in the process of building our own CMS.

The Best Book Covers of 2014
December 12, 2014

What is the value of a book cover if fewer and fewer people shop at bookstores? I used to browse St. Mark's Bookshop looking for covers that caught my eye. It was an exciting way to discover new authors, and design played a huge role. Now, one increasingly encounters books through social media or online recommendations, and the role of the designer might, at first glance, seem diminished. As I look at the inspired creativity on display among the books published in 2014, however, design feels as relevant as ever.

Workflow without Strategy is a Dead End
December 3, 2014

Workflow is a new buzzword, and its prominence has come about because it speaks to real needs and may deliver real benefits. Consider the situation of a typical publishing organization. This organization has had a workflow in place for many years; it was so thoroughly in place, so entrenched, that no one even thought of it as a workflow. It was simply how we do things here. It was only when things started changing around it, when new technology began to open up new possibilities, that workflow was viewed as such and analyzed carefully.