The Art of Inventory
November 1, 2010

Managing inventory is as much an art as a science, and like any art, a number of tried-and-true techniques exist that publishers may want to consider.

Down the Long Tail
September 1, 2008

Amid the arterial cacophony of northern Delaware, the city of New Castle is a quiet outpost of an earlier age. Cobblestone streets laid out during the 17th century offer fine dining, museums, river views and, every October for the last 15 years, Oak Knoll Fest, a celebration of the art of fine press bookmaking. Participants come from around the world to meet master printers, attend panel discussions and browse exhibits from artisans specializing in engraving, binding, papermaking and letterpress. The modern interstate jockey, stumbling upon the town and festival halfway to somewhere else on nearby I-95, might find him or herself disoriented, charmed and—let’s

Acquisition Establishes Audio Editions as Largest Audiobook Catalog Retailer
November 2, 2007

Audio Editions, a division of The Audio Partners Inc., has acquired the licensing rights to the assets of the Audio Book Club (ABC), including its brand, Web site and customer list. The acquisition establishes Audio Editions as the largest catalog seller of general interest audiobooks. The customer list obtained from ABC includes customers from an earlier acquisition, in which ABC’s original parent company, MediaBay Inc., acquired the Columbia House and Doubleday Direct audiobooks clubs. According to Audio Editions, publishers will benefit from the acquisition as a result of Audio Edition’s increased direct-to-consumer marketing of audiobooks to ABC customers. “This deal also brings benefits to

An Issue for the History Books
August 1, 2006

The president of a publishing company recently said to me: “It’s a terrifying and exhilarating time in publishing.” That just about sums it up. In this issue alone, the changes we’re covering are quite astounding: A Running Press book that could be the newest craze, blurring reality and fiction, with reader interaction pushed to a new high—and, oh yes, featuring product placement (see “Reality Check” page 20); and mobile content and ad-driven publishing models (see “The Era of Experimentation,” page 28). Innovation and creativity seem to be the name of the game, in all forms of media, in fact. Look at the ABC Network’s

Ingram and O'Reilly Media Sign Publisher Services Agreement
March 16, 2005

LA VERGNE, Tenn. - Ingram Publisher Services Inc., a subsidiary of Ingram Book Group Inc. that specializes in providing distribution services to publishers, and O'Reilly Media Inc., an independent publisher of computer books, today announced they have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement to begin September 2005. Under the new agreement Ingram will be the exclusive distributor of O'Reilly books, handling retail customer service, order-entry and fulfillment. "Our partnership with Ingram allows us to give our current customers better, faster service," said Laura Baldwin, O'Reilly's CFO/COO. "Plus, they offer the services we need to expand our international business, as well as grow our account base in

A Supply Chain That Runs Itself
December 1, 2004

The grandees of business re-engineering have been preaching for years about the power of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) to large corporations like GM and Ford. You might be surprised to learn that these lessons can also be effectively applied in the graphic arts industry for small and large shops alike. Process automation offers a golden opportunity to increase capacity, up productivity, optimize staff resources, and improve cash flow—even in today's economy. You may be asking, "Why should I think about automation if I'm [just] trying to stay alive?" The simple before-and-after snapshot in this article should give you an answer. PROCESS AUTOMATION …

Hands On
June 28, 2001

From its inception, BookTech West has been designed for attendees by industry experts, editors and inventive coordinators. This year, Conference Coordinator Rebecca Churilla invites participants to e-mail questions to her prior to the show to be included in "On the Cutting Edge" sessions listed below. According to Churilla, "BookTech West is founded on the ideal that one-to-one communication is a good business practice. That's why I'm inviting curious professionals to send their questions to me even before the show begins." Churilla explains that by opening up dialogue before the show begins, she'll compile and present the inquiries to each speaker to consider. "If the