The 20 Best Book Publishing Companies to Work For
October 1, 2007

1. Random House Inc. 2. Business 21 Publishing LLC 3. Rodale Inc. 4. Meredith Corp. 5. State University of New York Press 6. Consumers Union 7. Oxford University Press USA 8. BowTie Inc./BowTie Press 9. Pearson/Pearson Education 10. Columbia University Press 11. Lerner Publishing Group 12. Prestwick House Inc. 13. The University of Chicago Press 14. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 15. The Jewish Publication Society 16. Reed Business Information 17. Scholastic

Major Studies Offer Information for You, Not Just Your Business
August 1, 2007

Book Business’ mission is to provide practical information to help you do your job better and improve your company’s bottom line. But, we also aim to provide information to help you advance your career. We do this through certain features and departments, and now, we are doing this by conducting two major studies. The first study is the “2007 Book Publishing Industry Salary Guide,” and the results are published in this issue. A couple of industry organizations provide salary information, but much of it is segment-specific, e.g., for the university press segment only. Other information is quite costly to obtain. We wanted to provide

Book Business Announces a Major Study: the ‘Best Publishing Companies to Work For’
July 20, 2007

Publishing executives will soon have a new resource at their fingertips for finding the best places to work in the book publishing industry. Book Business magazine has announced that it is launching the first-ever major study to determine the “Best Publishing Companies to Work For.” The study, being conducted by independent research organization Accelara Publishing Research, will rate publishing companies annually based on their scores in six to 10 major categories. The research also will examine what makes a high-performance working environment, what contributes to a great publishing workplace, and how publishers generate high loyalty and staff support. An invitation to participate in the