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Fast-selling ‘New Adult’ Genre Vying for Shelf Space in Bookstores
August 26, 2014

Countless authors have taken advantage of a new and growing genre of literature aimed at primarily female readers between 18 and 25. Known as "new adult," the genre features mainly university or college-aged protagonists dealing with early twenties life, in particular romance and sexual relationships. The segment of the book-buying market is hard to quantify as the wider industry has been slow to embrace the genre and the bulk of sales are made online. But a recent report by author and publishing data website found that self-published books make up

Swoon Reads is 'The X Factor' of E-Book Publishing
October 28, 2013

Inspired by the recent flux in authors sidestepping the traditional route, Feiwel and her team last month launched Swoon Reads, a crowdsourcing publishing platform for authors of young adult fiction.

In short, it's a network where aspiring authors like Hoover can submit their manuscripts and have them critiqued by both Macmillan's staff and users of the site. Once enough submissions are collected and reviewed, Macmillan will publish the top-rated stories.

"Young Adult" Gets Old: Welcome "New Adult "
December 3, 2012

Goodreads' Elizabeth K. Chandler has a post today about the genre sensation that's sweeping the Internet nation: New Adult, which generally features characters who are "mostly college-age, who seem to have lots of sex and rarely see their parents."

Chandler looks at the debate around the genesis of this type of fiction. Did it always exist, just without a label? Is it a byproduct of a sluggish job market for college grads who find themselves with time on their hands? Or is this simply a logical extension of self-publishing's democratization of the market?

—Brian Howard


Atria Publishes ‘Smart Book’ Tagged with an RFID Chip
October 28, 2011

One thousand copies of a new title from Atria Books will be stickered with a RFID chip allowing any user of a cell phone with near-field communication capabilities to simply tap the tag and engage with the book’s content. The phone’s mobile web browser will be opened to specific book-related content.

Inside the Hispanic Book Market
October 1, 2009

While the Hispanic population in the United States is expected to expand to nearly 50 million by 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, current purchasing patterns indicate that this 16 percent of the nation may not buy books at the same rate as the remaining 84 percent.

50 Top Women in Book Publishing
May 1, 2009

From multimillion-dollar acquisitions to multimillion-dollar best-sellers, powerful women stand at every pivotal, decision-making point in the book publishing process. Book Business’ first annual “50 Top Women in Book Publishing” feature recognizes and honors some of these industry leaders who affect and transform how publishing companies do business, and what—and how—consumers read.

‘The Secret’ is Out (of Stock)
April 1, 2007

The secret to publishing a runaway best seller is out, and you won’t need to read a book or watch a DVD to get in on it. “The Secret,” a self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, is perhaps the most controversial chart-topper since Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code.” By now you’ve probably heard its premise—that your own thoughts hold the key to a happy, healthy and successful life. Positive thinking attracts positive results, preaches Byrne and a team of “teachers” featured throughout the book. They call it the law of attraction. Your business didn’t fail because you missed a quota or hired the