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Press Release: DCL Announces Its Collaboration with Elsevier to Enrich Millions of Documents for the Scopus Database
July 18, 2014

Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), an industry leader in organizing and converting content into digital formats, announced today its collaboration with Elsevier, a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, as their new partner in a multi-year conversion initiative to enrich and enhance content on the Scopus database.

6 Ways To Ensure Quality in the Face of Complex Digital Publishing
April 1, 2014

Not only are consumers more discriminating, but ebook capabilities have grown increasingly complex, as have the types of content being made into ebooks. That ebooks allow significant personalization is just another complication that publishers need to reckon with.

Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) Teams with Bowker to support Self Publishers
February 12, 2013

Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), a leader in future proofing content for eBooks, online training manuals, archived documents and more, is teaming with Bowker, the world's leader in bibliographic information management solutions, to better serve the self-publishing market. Bowker Identifier Services will now offer self-publishers DCL’s robust EPUB on Demand eBook Product Service through Bowker’s website.

“As the U.S. and Australian ISBN agencies, we’re often the first stop for self-publishers. Since eBooks are increasingly a ‘must-have’ for our customers, we know providing them instant access to a quality conversion service streamlines the publishing process,” said Beat Barblan, Director, Bowker Identifier Services. “Bowker has been a trusted partner to publishers for more than 140 years. We searched for a reliable service that would enable our customers to retain ownership of their content and consistently produce an accurate, highly useable eBook. We’re pleased to be working with DCL.”

Understanding Content Conversion: Unfortunately, There’s No ‘Easy’ Button
March 29, 2012

Data Conversion Laboratory, the company I founded, has been doing document conversion for thirty years and every once in a while I still get asked from someone I haven’t seen in a while “are you still doing that?” or “isn’t there software that does all that?”

The truth is that if it was easy, it would indeed be all automated. But when it comes to documents and books, creativity will not be bound by rules and style sheets

RSuite User Conference Welcomes Keynote Speakers from Outsell and Bloomsbury
October 14, 2011

Keynote speakers for the event are Bill Trippe, vice president and lead analyst from The Gilbane Group, a division of Outsell, Inc. and Evan Schnittman, managing director, group sales and marketing, print and digital at Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. They will focus on how e-books have generated renewed interest in content management.

Gene Therapy: Climbing Aboard the E-book Bandwagon
August 22, 2008

With the advent of electronic ink, or e-ink, the Sony Reader, the Amazon Kindle and the .epub formatting protocols, the era of the e-book in the United States may be on its way. If you are a publisher or book producer, sooner or later you will be delivering electronic versions of all of your titles for distribution through a burgeoning network of electronic channels—if you’re not already doing so. It may be tomorrow, it may be next year or possibly later, but I guarantee the need to do so will be thrust upon you by the marketplace. While it is true that complex