Universities Look for Ways to Drive Down Textbook Costs
August 8, 2014

As colleges look to reduce the overall cost of education, many are centering efforts on course materials, which, according to Cal State officials, sets an average student back by more than $1,000 annually.

That's an 18% addition to an undergraduate's annual $5,472 tuition. According to the UC website, students pay about $1,500 for textbooks and supplies, adding about 11% to the $13,200 in overall tuition and fees. And at California community colleges, many students can pay more for textbooks than for course fees, officials said.

B&N’s Nook Division Loses Its 4th Senior Manager in Less Than a Month
January 21, 2014

There's an old saying about a new year and a new beginning,  and Barnes & Noble is taking it to an extreme. Over the past few weeks no fewer than 4 members of the senior management at Nook Media, B&N's ebook sub, have either left the company, been promoted, or announced that they have one foot out the door.

The first to go was Michael Huseby. Barnes & Noble announced on 8 January that Huseby was leaving his position as head of Nook Media to take the CEO position at Barnes & Noble.

Virtualizing Brick-and-Mortar Retailing
November 26, 2013

Just in time for the holidays, e-commerce operators are ramping up their brick-and-mortar efforts. As detailed over the weekend by the New York Times, Amazon and eBay, the two giants of e-commerce, are locked in an increasingly fierce battle for control of the streets, as they compete to offer customers in major cities same-day - or even quicker - delivery of orders placed online. Amazon now offers same-day delivery in 11 cities while eBay last month announced plans to expand its eBay Now same-day service to 25 cities in 2014.