Amazon Broadens Its Computing Reach
February 22, 2012

Attention tech industry: Amazon.com is coming for you. Amazon Web Services, the company’s computing-for-hire division, announced new products on Tuesday that make it easier to run workflow-based applications, both on Amazon’s computers and on corporate machines that are connected to Amazon’s giant computing cloud. This is a cheap (and probably easy) way for in-house engineers to build and deploy software that does tasks like analytics and billing, or internal financial operations and decision-making. It can even aid in the design logic of multiplayer games, Amazon says. This is a big deal, because it shows AWS moving more decisively into

5 colleges to test bulk purchases of etextbooks to cut costs
January 18, 2012

From the Indiana University press release: As textbooks continue shifting to digital, Internet2, McGraw-Hill and Courseload today announced implementation of an eText Pilot Trial Pack to students and faculty at five universities for the Spring 2012 semester. The five institutions, also Internet2 members, include: University of California, Berkeley; Cornell University; University of Minnesota; University of [...]

No, the Kindle Fire isn't doomed
December 12, 2011

Before anyone could buy a Kindle Fire, Amazon's tablet benefited from a certain degree of magical thinking. People--or at least tech pundits--were searching for the first irresistable non-iPad tablet. They wanted to see one that deserved to be a big hit. So many hit a mental fast-forward button and assumed that the Kindle Fire would be that tablet. Amazon's Kindle Fire. (Credit: Amazon.com) But the Fire's honeymoon ended the moment it hit the market. Many of the initial reviews weren't raves. And now the New York Times has published a story about the Fire by David Streitfeld that dares

Videk Again in Top 10 of Rochester's 2011 Top 100 Companies
October 31, 2011

Videk, Inc. repeats as Rochester Top 100 Company for 2011 Fairport, NY – October 31, 2011 – Videk, a worldwide leading provider of solutions for document integrity and image quality assurance print verification systems, takes the ninth place spot on the Rochester Top 100 ranking of the regions fastest growing privately held companies, according to…

paidContent: Canonical Wants Ubuntu On Smartphones, Tablets
October 31, 2011

At least one company thinks the world hungers for another mobile operating system. Canonical, the company that builds and maintains Ubuntu Linux, is planning to release a version of their operating system for smartphones and tablets.

ZDNet scored an interview with Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth, who discussed plans for mobile Ubuntu ahead of Canonical’s developer conference this week.

Digital Printing: Poised For Growth
September 1, 2011

During the past 18 months, digital printing has dramatically increased its penetration of the book market. The recession has in some cases provided a boost to digital book manufacturing, as publishers take a harder look at their processes and cut back on inventory and waste.

Apple Most Valuble Company: Is Amazon Next in Line?
August 11, 2011

Apple made headlines Tuesday by passing Exxon Mobil  to become the world's most valuable company in market capitalization, making a dramatic turnaround from being nearly broke years before. Now it's time to ask what company might be next in line to make a similar transformation.

At the moment, all indications point to Amazon, the company that began as an online bookseller but now is directly challenging Apple with its new Kindle Cloud Reader that bypasses Apple's App Store by offering books and other down-loadable content through the Web instead of a native iOS app.