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Microsoft's Nook Media buy would give it e-book heft
May 9, 2013

Microsoft is reportedly interested in buying the digital assets of Barnes & Noble's Nook Media for $1 billion. But analysts are divided over whether the deal makes sense.

Microsoft already has a 16.8% equity stake in the Barnes & Noble subsidiary, which includes the bookseller's digital book and college book businesses. Microsoft invested $300 million in Nook Media in April 2012, valuing the new company at $1.7 billion at the time. Microsoft and Barnes & Noble completed their strategic partnership last October. Education and news publisher Pearson  subsequently took a 5% stake

The Book Shows Go On: Everything you need to know about book production and design awards and shows in 2013
March 6, 2013

The six major annual book design shows listed above continue to anchor our industry in its traditions of craft, even though painfully unadorned ebooks and cluttered multimedia platforms proceed apace, charting their own course. Whatever the wide range of book show presenting criteria, as shown in the survey that follows, ultimately the purpose of book design is to enhance the readability and message of the book itself. 

Print will survive and thrive in those areas where it continues to fulfill that purpose. Where digital media prevail, irrepressible design aspirations will soon follow.

While some shows are beginning to provide digital edition categories (mostly fixed format and multi-media), print editions continue to be foundational platforms for book design and organization — at least for the time being. Leading edge designers are exploring ways to bring design criteria into the reflowable formats.

Yes Amazon Can Be Stopped
May 8, 2012

Books, electronics, toys and now fashion — Amazon is encroaching on the most lucrative consumer product categories and killing traditional retail. How to stop the juggernaut? Level the playing field.

It’s not just about collecting sales tax uniformly across retail — online and in-stores — although that’s a large part of it. It’s about stopping the showroom effect.

Last week Target said it would no longer sell the Kindle in retaliation for Amazon using physical stores as showrooms.

How to Develop Customer Evangelists
April 27, 2012

When you have evangelists for your product or service, you have the best possible kind of customer. Your evangelists are passionate, loyal, and thrilled to recommend you. They are communicators — when it matters. They are your public defenders when times are difficult. Evangelists are also forgiving. They assume your mistakes are honest. They believe you have their best interests at heart. Best of all, evangelists are hyper-repeat customers. If you agree with the above then you'll probably agree with the following. No matter what business you are in – large

Apple Unveils iBooks 2, iBooks Author, Digital Textbooks, Live From New York
January 19, 2012

All Things D's live blog from the Apple education event.

Greetings! We’re here at New York’s iconic Guggenheim Museum, awaiting the start of Apple’s “Education Announcement”. The expectation is that we’ll hear about new publishing tools that allow educators and others to create their own iPad-friendly textbooks, but we should know soon enough. The event is slated to kick off at 10 am eastern time, but we’ll start chatting live, now.

Kodak achieved tremendous success at All In Print China 2011
December 20, 2011

During the three-day show, Kodak met with thousands of potential customers and demonstrated industry-leading technology, software and services. All In Print is China's largest printing fair. It took place from 14 - 17 November, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. As China's printing industry moves toward sustainability and increased automation, the All In Print exhibition focused on innovation, upgrades, integration and development in advanced printing technologies. With the theme, ‘It's Time for You AND Kodak-Green, Innovative, Digital and Fast’, Kodak's stand featured a variety of products

In a presentation given by Andrew Rashbass, CEO of The Economist Group, he claimed that the old publishing models of web and print are "irredeemably broken." (I wasn't aware that web publishing was old yet — though admittedly for some publishers it definitely is broken.)

Vatican’s Library begins to Digitize 80,000 of Its Manuscripts With NASA Technology
December 12, 2011

The library is taking a giant leap to the web. By using NASA technology, it’s planning on scanning 80,000 of its manuscripts. The technology used is called FITS, which stands for Flexible Image Transport System. So far the process was divided in three stages. The first included scanning 8,000 of the 80,000 manuscripts. The second [...]