Ingram Book Group

Ingram Content Group Launches On-Demand Journals Program
February 21, 2013

Ingram Content Group Inc. today announced the launch of a comprehensive, on-demand print and fulfillment journals program that will reshape the traditional supply chain in journal publishing.  

“Using an on-demand business model for journals will help publishers become more efficient in the distribution and production of journal content,” said Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer, Ingram Content Group.

Sixty new publishers add content to Ingram's VitalSource e-textbook platform to reach the education market
December 4, 2012

[PRESS RELEASE] NASHVILLE, TN ­ Vital Source Technologies, Inc., Ingram Content Group's leading e-textbook solution for publishers, academic institutions, and students, today announced that sixty new publishers have added more than 35,000 new digital textbooks and online course materials to its VitalSource Bookshelf® platform. "The students of today are using technology to their advantage, and we are experiencing significant growth in the number of publisher, institutional, and reseller customers using the VitalSource Bookshelf platform," said Kent Freeman, Chief Operating Officer, Vital Source Technologies, Inc. "We will continue to nurture our publisher relationships and expand and diversify our title selection to provide the digital content that's in demand by students and educators worldwide."

Open Road Integrated Media Selects Ingram Publisher Services to Print and Distribute Copies of its E-riginals
February 28, 2012

Nashville, TN - Open Road Integrated Media, a digital publisher and multimedia content company, has selected Ingram Publisher Services and Lightning Source, Ingram Content Group companies, to distribute print versions of a group of its e-books. The program will begin in March 2012. "As a digital company, we have not distributed print editions of our e-books. Working with Ingram Publisher Services and Lightning Source allows us to stay focused on publishing our e-books," said Christopher Davis, Chief Operating Officer, Open Road Integrated Media.

Granta Publications Selects Ingram Publisher Services for Sales and Distribution
December 16, 2011

Ingram Publisher Services Inc.  announced an agreement with Granta Publications.  Granta Publications has selected Ingram to expand the reach of their content to more readers worldwide. Granta Publications is an independent literary publisher of fiction and nonfiction titles in the U.K. with imprints Granta Books, Portobello Books and Granta Magazine.