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Indiana Dumps CTB-McGraw Hill, Picks Pearson to Create Future ISTEP
March 12, 2015

Indiana appears ready to ditch the company that creates ISTEP after years of testing problems, but the cost of delivering Indiana's state tests could go way up if it does.

British-owned Pearson, another giant testing company, won the state's bid for a $38 million two-year contract to give the ISTEP test starting next spring over CTB-McGraw Hill, according to awards released today by the Indiana Department of Administration. California-based CTB-McGraw Hill has created ISTEP since the test's inception in 2009. The company had a four-year, $95 million contract to create ISTEP that expired last year.

Press Release: New Findings from BISG Show Students Will Pay for Solutions That Reduce Study Time, Improve Outcomes
August 8, 2014

For the fourth consecutive year, a highly regarded studies just released from BISG tracks and analyzes the key trends in how students and faculty members acquire, assign, teach, and consume educational content in multiple media formats. Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education, Volume 4, is now available as a digital report alongside a complementary study, Faculty Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education Volume 3.

As Book Prices Drop, Big Publishers Push Into Software and EdTech
August 6, 2014

Don't look now, but textbook publishers are trying to become software companies. And tech startups are trying to outmaneuver these giants to win the future of educational content and tools. It's one of the big trends in edtech and digital media.

Indeed, digital publishing has "fundamentally changed every aspect of what we are doing with our content," says Michael Hansen, the CEO of Cengage Learning, an education publisher that recently moved headquarters from Connecticut to Boston, while also opening a new office in techie-rich San Francisco.

Combating the Higher-Ed Used Book Market
August 1, 2014

Roughly $5.5 billion of the over $8 billion higher education textbook market is caught in the secondary market. This is lost revenue that would otherwise be invested into the development of valuable new learning technologies

Press Release: McGraw-Hill Education Expands Boston Office, Opens New Technology Hub in Seattle
June 30, 2014

New and expanded offices will see arrival of around 140 new hires from hotbeds of technology and innovation; Company's ed-tech investments continue
McGraw-Hill Education today announced that it is expanding its Boston office to accommodate the company's growth and increasing employee headcount in digital research and development. The company also announced the opening of a new office in Seattle to serve as a hub for enhancing educational technologies for the K-12,

Transformation Expert Discusses What Publishers Need to Do to Thrive
June 4, 2014

Mary Rhodes' experience serving publishers has given her an outsider's view of the inside of the publishing industry's ongoing realignment. Rhodes sees an industry rich with tradition being forced to evolve and reinvent outdated ways of doing business. Here she shares her thoughts on what publishers must do in order to thrive today.

McGraw-Hill Education Opens Create Platform for K12 Teachers
April 2, 2014

Digital textbooks continue to be one of the key frustrations in the public education arena. So far, they're not more widely available than print, they're not more cost effective than their paper counterparts, and they're still a one-size-fits-all tool that teachers are required to use without much prior input into which texts will best meet their students' needs in any given year. In short, digital textbooks have yet to live up to the hype that surrounded them as K12 teachers still don't have the advantages that digital can offer.