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HarperCollins to Bring Back Agency Pricing as Early As Next Week
April 9, 2015

Following tense months-long negotiations with Amazon, HarperCollins is reportedly planning to force ebook retailers to adopt agency pricing as early as next week. Publishers Lunch reports that:

Multiple retailers report that Harper has informed them their selling terms will change as of Tuesday, April 14. (The change is actually effective midnight Pacific time, rather than Eastern. Amazon would be among those companies that naturally end their business day on Pacific time.) Harper is requiring retailers to implement all price changes within 24 hours.

International Restructure for Holtzbrinck
June 18, 2012

Holtzbrinck is to restructure along divisional rather than geographic lines, in a development which will see Pan Macmillan m.d. Anthony Forbes-Watson reporting to Macmillan US chief executive John Sargent, while Macmillan UK c.e.o. Annette Thomas takes on the Group's higher education business in the US. From 2nd July, the company is to operate through three divisions. Global Trade, managed by Sargent, will encompass all the consumer book publishing operations of the Group, including all the US, German, UK and Australian houses. Thomas will have management of a Global Science and Education division, consisting of Nature Publishing

eBooks ... By the Numbers
November 1, 2010

PDA has been increasingly adopted by libraries, and more digital distribution services are offering this as a purchase option.

Macmillan to Publish Web-Based Catalogs via Edelweiss Interactive Publisher Catalogs
April 20, 2010

(Press Release) Ann Arbor, Mich., April 20, 2010—Above the Treeline is pleased to announce that Macmillan has selected Edelweiss, Above the Treeline's interactive publisher catalog system, to publish selected frontlist catalogs on the web. Macmillan will pilot a number of key imprints for the fall 2010 selling season with an eye toward expanding to additional imprints in 2011. With the addition of Macmillan's frontlist titles, Edelweiss' web-based publisher catalogs will encompass more than 50,000 titles across 750 imprints from over 27 publishers.

50 Top Women in Book Publishing
May 1, 2009

From multimillion-dollar acquisitions to multimillion-dollar best-sellers, powerful women stand at every pivotal, decision-making point in the book publishing process. Book Business’ first annual “50 Top Women in Book Publishing” feature recognizes and honors some of these industry leaders who affect and transform how publishing companies do business, and what—and how—consumers read.

Distribution Evolution
April 16, 2008

The University of Chicago Press (UCP) has never had to regard itself as an afterthought. Founded in 1891 as one of the three original divisions of the university, the press has, from the beginning, been squarely in the center of the school’s mission to educate, advocate and innovate—a charge that continues to this day. In addition, it’s of more than passing interest to the press’s leadership that it is entirely self-supporting, even funding a few research grants at the school. “I’m unabashedly proud of the fact that our books are aimed at a shrinking audience and that we make money off them,” says Garrett

August 1, 2007

he idea is pretty straightforward: Release a book, create a Web site to go along with it, and, voila, you’ve got yourself a surefire marketing tool. Just putting something on the Web is no guarantee of success, however, which may be why, for many publishers, this simple formula ends up having a lot of variations. Book-companion Web sites—portals providing access to authors, blogs, online forums, games, contests and other multimedia offerings—play a significant role in the world of online book promotion. Standing at the intersection of traditional, publisher-designed marketing strategies, author-driven promotion and self-perpetuating “viral” marketing, thoughtfully planned book-companion Web sites offer