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Faber Boss Says Future of Book Publishing is Mobile
December 4, 2015 at 11:43 am

The chief executive of publisher Faber & Faber has challenged the book publishing industry to respond to the rapid increase in smartphone use, particularly by young readers. “Perhaps in the 21st century the zero-law of publishing will be understand mobile. Because without expert understanding of it, we may not be able to create the new…

Pelican Books' New Website is a Pocket Library Accessible from Smartphones and Tablets
November 13, 2014

Six months after the imprint's re-launch, Pelican is striving to become even more available to that 'vast reading public' with a new website that blurs the line between ebooks and online browsing.

It works like this. You sign up, read a chapter and- if you like the book - buy it for £4.99. It's then available on any internet-connected device, with passages you've highlighted and your reading position saved and synced across them all;