Seth Godin: An End of Books
August 15, 2013

Books, those bound paper documents, are part of an ecosystem, one that was perfect, and one that is dying, quickly. Ideas aren't going away soon, and neither are words. But, as the ecosystem dies, not only will the prevailing corporate systems around the paper book wither, but many of the treasured elements of its consumption will disappear as well. THE BOOKSTORE as we know it is doomed, because many of these establishments are going to go from making a little bit of money every day to losing a little bit.

Prodigy Launches Infamous Book Publishing Imprint
August 1, 2013

Prodigy is expanding his resume with the launch of Infamous, a book-publishing imprint. Partnering with indie press Akashic Books, the Queens rapper looks to publish urban and crime literature starting with the release of the his own 90-page work H.N.I.C, co-written by Steven Savile.

The Mobb Deep MC, whose latest LP Albert Einstein with Alchemist dropped earlier this summer, says that he approaches writing books differently than that of his music.

Dishing Content on Multiple Platforms
March 1, 2007

The staff of Zagat Survey LLC consisted of just Tim and Nina Zagat when the pair first set off in 1979 to compile restaurant reviews contributed by their friends to help create the first of their popular restaurant guides. The book series since has become virtually synonymous with dining, and the staff consists of 110 full-time employees, plus local editors in more than 70 cities around the globe. Tim Zagat, the CEO of Zagat Survey, faces the same challenges that other publishers do as his company prepares to face the opportunities and challenges that digital content delivery creates. What are the biggest challenges you