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Slashed Budgets Mean Libraries Need Digital Lending More than Ever
January 28, 2014

Public libraries have been teetering on the brink of extinction for years, a fact that doesn't seem likely to improve in the near future given the economic situations that lead local governments to take aim at the libraries as a primary target. And despite data that shows 91% survey respondents believe libraries are vital to the overall health and growth of a community, they continue to come under fire. With news this morning that UK libraries are also feeling the pinch, the situation is taking on a global crisis level of concern.

Former RR Donnelley CEO to Chair Quebecor World Board
June 26, 2009

The creditors of Quebecor World announced in a court filing this week the names of the company's new independent directors. Former RR Donnelley CEO Mark Angelson will be chairman. He will be joined by Tom Ryder, former chairman and CEO of Reader's Digest, and Jack Kliger, former president and CEO of Hachette Filipacchi. Ryder and Kliger are past chairmen of the Magazine Publishers Association. Ryder also sits on the boards of, Virgin Mobile and Starwood Hotels.

Exploring E-Books
July 1, 2001

It's time for periodical publishers to explore ways to tap the potential of e-book technology, says Vin Crosbie, managing partner for Digital Deliverance, a business strategy consultancy based in Greenwich, CT. Crosbie chairs the E-Book Newsstand Association formed in January 2001 to help them do just that. New opportunities Consumers read more magazines and newspapers each year than books, yet periodical publishers are less involved in producing content for e-books distribution channels than traditional book publishers, Crosbie notes. E-books can allow periodical publishers to combine some of the advantages of print with the advantages of electronic media, he adds. For example, with no click through, display