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Harry Potter Breaks All Records
September 1, 2000

By now, no doubt, you've heard about Harry's astounding success. If you have to ask "Harry who?" you've probably been living on Mars for the past two months. Scholastic Books, New York, released children's book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on July 8 with an initial printing of 3.8 million copies -- the largest initial press run in history. Almost 3 million copies moved during its first weekend in circulation, including more than 1 million copies that were sold in advance. Three days after the book's debut, Scholastic announced a second printing, increased from 2 million to 3 million copies, based on

Not Just Kids Stuff
July 1, 1999

Not Just Kids' Stuff Q&A Linda Palladino by Rose Blessing Now vice president of production, juvenile books, William Morrow & Company, Linda Palladino has been working in her field for 22 years and still finds it exciting. "The day you think you know everything in book production, you might as well retire," she says. What keeps life interesting for Linda Palladino? Many things, she explains: the fast pace of technological change, the many wonderful people she has had a chance to meet, including the authors, editors and illustrators of the books she works on as well as members of book production industry organizations