Sheridan Books Inc.

Press Release: Sheridan Expands its Print Management System to Accommodate Self‐Service POD Orders
September 28, 2015 at 11:33 am

HUNT VALLEY, Md.—September 28, 2015—Sheridan has expanded its automated print management system, Sheridan Select, to include a self‐service component granting publishers the ability to upload a book or journal title and place a print‐on‐demand (POD) order within a single transaction. Upon logging in to the Sheridan Select portal and initiating a POD order, publishers are…

Direct to consumer, print and electronic sales made easy
September 23, 2015 at 11:09 am

To get content to more readers, publishers must sell books direct to consumers through myriad channels, including their website. With limited time and resources, this task can seem daunting for many. But it doesn't have to be. Direct to consumer sales solutions that simplify the administration, purchasing, fulfillment, and the behind the scenes processes for both publishers and their customers are available. Time to relax and take a deep breath.

Press Release: Sheridan Introduces a Journal eCommerce POD Solution through Sheridan Connect
June 25, 2015

Hanover, PA - Sheridan's powerful eCommerce publisher platform has been enhanced to accommodate single issue journal sales down to a single copy. Sheridan Connect is a publisher branded PCI compliant eCommerce solution, giving publishers the tools to sell content to consumers. Publishers can now provide single issues of a journal title for sale as a physical copy from warehouse inventory or integrated print-on-demand.

Press Release: Sheridan Prints Fairy Tale Classics by the Grimm Brothers
January 6, 2015

Classic fairy tales have been making a comeback on the movie screen and their popularity has expanded to include the printed word, too.  Sheridan Books is proud to be part of this resurgence, having been selected by Princeton University Press to continue the production of Princeton's The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Clays Ltd. Joins Sheridan and OPUS Group in the Content Delivery Alliance
December 11, 2013

Hunt Valley, MD - The Sheridan Group (Sheridan) and The OPUS Group announce the addition of Clays Ltd. as the newest member of the Content Delivery Alliance (CDA).  The CDA was created in 2011 to support the growing distribute and print need among international journal and book publishers. 

Sheridan Select Delivers Unprecedented Print Ordering Versatility, Simplicity
February 22, 2013

Building on their successful Sheridan Digital Select technology, The Sheridan Group has released Sheridan Select, a next generation publishing solution for managing offset and digitally produced books and journals. A feature-rich architecture gives book and journal publishers a single point for order entry, significantly streamlining the process of ordering and managing a range of print products - from “one-off” print-on-demand to print runs in the thousands in both perfect and case-bound finishing. Publisher benefits – versatility, simplicity, and efficiency – are achieved through the use of one or all of three modules:

Not Your Father's (or Mother's) Book Manufacturers
March 1, 2012

To survive and thrive as the book industry's digital revolution pushes forward, and as better inventory management drives the shift toward smaller print runs, the smarter printers are doing everything they can to ensure they'll be a part of that ongoing transformation. This includes incorporating newer technologies with an ever sharper focus on customer support and service. Book Business spoke with executives from Quad/Graphics, BookMasters, Sheridan Books, Walsworth and Thomson-Shore, and asked about their outlooks for their businesses. The general consensus: They're ready for what the next year (and the years to come) have in store for them.

Sheridan Introduces Print-to-Mobile QR Codes
December 13, 2010

(Press Release) Hunt Valley, MD—Sheridan's magazine, journal, catalog, and book companies now offer Quick Response (QR) Code technology to clients interested in enhancing their print publications with multimedia options.