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The Promise of Poetry in a Digital Age
November 1, 2009

The problems of poetry are many. It can be difficult to discover. It can be difficult to read and interpret. Are you reading it right? Are you interpreting it right? Are you sure?

Sealed Lips Can Sink Ships
February 1, 2007

A strange thing happened while creating this issue. Whereas we normally find book publishing industry executives to be open and willing to discuss industry issues and their own strategies, our writers had a difficult time getting people to comment for their stories this time around. At first we thought the holiday season was to blame, that people were, understandably, just too busy to respond. And then some people did respond, but many declined to comment. This is a strange experience for our writers, and some of the people who declined really surprised me. One story that met with a number of closed doors was

26 Tips for Licensing International Rights
May 1, 2006

“Wide open and full of potential” is how Anne Landa, rights and exports manager for Sourcebooks Inc., characterizes the market for licensing international rights. “It is simply about placing the right books with the right people and seeing the whole thing through,” Landa—who works out of her home office in San Diego, Calif.—says about selling licensing rights to publishers around the globe for Sourcebooks. International licensing rights increased 20 percent last year at the Naperville, Ill.-based publisher. Sourcebooks, an independent publisher of more than 900 trade titles, has had books translated into 36 languages and published in 34 countries. Landa says she expects the upward