The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP)

AEP Publishes Guides on Emerging Education Data Initiatives
March 20, 2013

WILMINGTON, DE, March 20, 2013 – The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP), the professional organization for the educational resource industry, is excited to announce the publication of two new resources: The Content Developer’s Guide to the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative and Learning Registry and The Smart Publisher’s Guide to LRMI Tagging. AEP is co-leader of the LRMI, which is working to create and implement a standard tagging specification to improve the online discoverability of learning resources. With contributions from Educational Systemics and inBloom (formerly the Shared Learning Collaborative), the Content Developer’s Guide offers an overview of the ways that metadata and paradata (a specialized type of metadata that can be used to describe how a resource has been used, when, and by whom) are changing the educational landscape, with a specific emphasis on why—and how—to effectively implement the LRMI and participate in the Learning Registry. Additionally, the guide aims to break down the complex pieces that intersect various education metadata initiatives and bring clarity to their respective missions.

AEP Launches Go Global
April 6, 2007

The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP), a nonprofit organization that serves the industry of supplemental education publishing, has announced the launch of Go Global, a program designed for educational publishers to expand business through marketing and sales of intellectual-property rights internationally. The program is an extension of a previous successful international partnership with Bologna Children’s Book Fair. This new venture expands international potential for its members to the world’s largest book fairs. “A number of our AEP member companies have been selling international rights for some time, and the sale of those rights now contributes 5–15 percent directly to their bottom lines,” says

Content Crossroads & Distribution Junction
February 1, 2007

The hot-button issues in the book industry today surround an increased focus on content and alternative forms of distribution. Publishers are still keeping a watchful eye on the Internet and the fear that it may replace the print-based distribution business in the future. But there appears to be a greater acceptance and realization that “content” is a publisher’s real asset, and that the delivery method means nothing if the content isn’t outstanding. An increased focus on content, book search tools, digital distribution, a declining print readership, increased used-book sales, rising fuel and paper costs, and decreasing bookshelf space in retail superstores are all

AEP Seeks Judges for its AEP Awards, Rescheduled to March 14
March 8, 2006

LOGAN TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) is seeking volunteers to judge entries for the 2006 AEP Awards, reshceduled for March 14. The AEP will judge the Beacon Awards for excellence in education marketing plus various Distinguished Achievement Awards (DAA) entries. Judging will take place at the AEP headquarters in Logan Township, N.J. The AEP is offering a travel stipend of up to $100 for one day of judging, from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and will provide transportation to and from the Wilmington/Philadelphia Amtrak stations, or the Philadelphia International Airport. In other words, the only cost to you is