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1DollarScan Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary in March
March 4, 2013

1DollarScan, an innovative service offering the world’s most affordable and advanced book scanning technology, celebrates its Second Anniversary since its launch and continues to emphasize its innovative book scanning service available for U.S. readers. In honor of its Second Anniversary, 1DollarScan is offering a Buy-One-Get-One-Free campaign for all new users. For a limited time, all orders purchased by new users only, will be matched with a free coupon of equal value. For more details, please visit

Bookstats 2013, the U.S. Publishing Industry's Definitive Annual Survey, To Offer Analysis by Outsell; Bowker Renewed for Statistical Results
February 21, 2013

Production is now underway on the 2013 edition of BookStats, recognized as the most comprehensive survey of the size and scope of the US publishing industry, it was announced by the Association of American Publishers and the Book Industry Study Group. BISG and AAP, the survey’s co-producers, also announced that Outsell, the leading research and advisory firm for the information and publishing industries, has joined the project to provide editorial analysis and Bowker, a premier source of market research on publishing and books in all formats, will again produce the extrapolated results.

Show Notes: BISG's Making Information Pay for Higher Ed Publishing, Feb. 7, 2013
February 19, 2013

Over the last two week, Book Business ran the proverbial gauntlet of publishing industry trade shows, starting withe the Book Industry Study Group's Making Information Pay For Higher Ed on Thu., Feb. 7, at the Yale Club, then hitting the Book^2 Camp "unconference" on Sun., Feb. 10, at Workman Publishing, and, on Wed., Feb. 13, catching a day of O'Reilly's Tools of Change at the Marriott Marquis.

We’ll be running through them one by one this week. First up: BISG: Making Information Pay for Higher Ed Publishing

The Book Industry Study Group’s annual Making Information Pay for Higher Ed Publishing was a morning jam-packed with great information and expansive ideas on the state of higher ed publishing and what it might look like in the near to distant future.

The four terms of the day:
Shadow Library
Roll Your Own

BISG to host "New Strategies for Success: Making Information Pay for Higher Ed Publishing 2013"
December 17, 2012

For the past two years, higher education publishing professionals have gathered for Making Information Pay for Higher Ed Publishing, a half-day conference exploring the migration from print to digital in higher education publishing. In addition to featuring new results from BISG's ongoing Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education survey, the 2013 program will provide an array of data-rich presentations offering new insights into the unfolding digital transformation.

Wither the E-Reader? Tablets gaining as preferred e-reading device according to new BISG/Bowker study.
November 14, 2012

A new study by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) puts a twist on the conventional wisdom about ebook consumers, e-readers and tablets. Released today, the study reveals that dedicated e-readers (such as the e-ink Kindle and Nook devices) are losing ground to tablet devices (particularly the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet) as the preferred e-reading device of ebook consumers.

C-M Books at PubWest 2012
October 25, 2012

CM Books,  will be at exhibiting at the 2012 PubWest Show,  October 25-27 at Keystone Resort and Conference Center, Keystone, Colorado.
The event includes Keynotes by Oren Teicher, CEO of American Booksellers Association; Otis Chandler, CEO and cofounder of Goodreads; and Len Vlahos, executive director of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), and 30 exhibitors and sponsors.

Read Any Good Books Lately?
September 1, 2012

Around the time I started working in trade publishing, Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" was a huge bestseller, clocking sales at record rates. I was impressed, and still am, but my thinking on what these numbers meant was altered by the comment of a colleague: "Just because people are buying the book, doesn't mean they're reading it."

And, of course, it's true. Hawking's book was a trendy intellectual purchase. Drop a copy of this much-talked-about dense and brainy bestseller on your coffee table, and guests were sure to gain a favorable impression of your erudition. But speak knowledgably about black holes, quarks and antimatter? Mere ownership of the tome did not such conversations guarantee.

Digital Book World aims for a more accurate ebook bestseller list
August 20, 2012

In the weeks that I’ve been putting together my ebook bestsellers breakdown, which examines the titles that are doing better in digital formats than in print and investigates how titles hit the bestseller list, one common key to success pops up over and over again: The power of a sale. A one-day Kindle Daily Deal can drive enough sales to propel a title onto the New York Times ebook bestseller list for just one week. And self-published authors’ low-priced titles are taking up more and more spots.