The British Library

British Library Sets Out to Archive the Web
April 4, 2013

Capturing the unruly, ever-changing Internet is like trying to pin down a raging river.

But the British Library is going to try.

For centuries the library has kept a copy of every book, pamphlet, magazine and newspaper published in Britain. Starting Saturday, it will also be bound to record every British website, e-book, online newsletter and blog in a bid to preserve the nation’s “digital memory.”

As if that’s not a big enough task, the library also has to make this digital archive available to future researchers – come time, tide or technological change.

March 1, 2013

"I've been waiting my whole career to sell something like this," says Mitchell Davis of BiblioBoard, a platform that helps libraries and institutions create and sell elegant multimedia anthologies and "exhibits" from their catalogs and collections.

Davis is a veteran of Amazon: He sold his first company, Book Surge, an integrated publishing and print-on-demand platform, to the Seattle etailer in 2005 and then went to work for them. In 2007, says Davis, the original founders of Book Surge got back together in their hometown of Chareston, S.C., to start BiblioLabs with the focus of reducing the costs of making historical books available via POD.

"We didn't do much with digital in the early days," says Davis, "because most of the devices were E Ink and we just didn't think they would do justice to historical artifacts. The iPad changed all of that."

Byliner: Writing Short and Selling Big
March 1, 2013

In 2006, after a career as an editor and writer for publications such as Outside, GQ and The New York Times Magazine, John Tayman's new book, The Colony, was doing well, and Scribner urged him to start thinking about a second book. Three things gave him pause. First: "I had just finished a long slog on a single book and was not so eager to jump into something of that size immediately."

Secondly: "I could see and recognize significant changes afoot as the industry moved from analog to digital."

The Redesign of Reading
September 1, 2011

Gutenberg was able to take some of the coolest technologies of the mid 15th century and create a communications solution. Isn't that what so many of us are immersed in these past several years?

Fast Stats
July 1, 2011

$3.99: The retail price for the recently released 32-page comic book biography of Stephen King, "Orbit: Stephen King," published by Bluewater Productions

Tips for E-Commerce Solution Shopping
February 1, 2007

In the ever-changing world of multimedia and shoppers who expect things at the click of the mouse, e-commerce solutions are in high demand. “These days it’s so important to give your Web customers a great experience,” says Jim Morse, president of Morse Data Corp. To do so, it is important to select solutions that fit your company size, scope, staff and budget. The following advice from several e-commerce solution providers can help guide you through the process of deciding which product works best for your company. “A publisher should analyze the cost of not only the development of a solution, but the manpower