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National Book Foundation &  The Daily Beast Partner  to Announce the 2013 Longlists for the National Book Awards
September 9, 2013

The National Book Foundation, presenter of the National Book Awards, will partner exclusively with The Daily Beast to announce its 2013 Longlists. The categories consist of ten books each from the genres of Young People's Literature, Poetry, Nonfiction, and Fiction selected by a panel of expert judges. On Monday, September 16 at 9 a.m. ( EST), the Longlist for Young People's Literature will be revealed exclusively at, followed by the Longlist for Poetry on Tuesday, September 17 at 9 a.m., the Longlist for Nonfiction on September 18, and finally, the Longlist for Fiction on September 19.

The National Book Foundation Elects Three New Board Members
July 10, 2013

New York, NY (July 9, 2013) – The National Book Foundation, presenter of the National Book Awards, has elected three new members to its Board of Directors: Annette Gordon-Reed, Winner of the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize; Anthony Marx, President and CEO of The New York Public Library; and Deborah Needleman, Editor-in-Chief of T: The New York Times Style Magazine.

The addition of these new board members builds on recent steps the National Book Foundation has been taking to broaden the reach of the National Book Awards. These steps included adding a “long-list,” expanding the pool of potential judges, and announcing the finalists on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

PGW and Grove Atlantic Extend Existing Distribution Agreement
July 8, 2013

Berkeley, CA (July 8, 2013) — PGW and Grove Atlantic announced today that they have entered into a multi-year extension of their existing print and digital sales and distribution agreement. “PGW’s long standing partnership with Grove Atlantic is a testament to the mutual respect and admiration we have for each other,” said David Steinberger, President and CEO of The Perseus Books Group. “We are gratified that Grove has chosen to extend their relationship with PGW and look forward to their continued success.”

Book Publishing in Boston
July 1, 2013

In many ways, Boston's publishing industry is a mirror on the iconic city. Though relatively small, the city and its publishing are known for history; for being a center for academics, thought and innovation; and for being a hub of independence and rebellion that triggers change. In these times of rapid transition in the industry, Boston just might be the place to see big changes happen in publishing.

Unite Marketing and Publicity
July 1, 2013

In most publishing houses, marketing and publicity are separate departments. And they should be. Even though each is tasked with book promotion, their methods and responsibilities are actually quite different: Publicity reaches the consumer through the media, and marketing reaches the consumer directly. But just because they're different, it doesn't mean the two departments can't — or shouldn't — work closely together. In fact, in this ever-changing marketplace, they need to work together like never before.

U.S. Publishers See Ongoing Sales Growth in Print and E-format Books Worldwide, According to 2013 Industry Export Sales Report
June 27, 2013

English-language books from US Trade sector publishers continue to flourish worldwide, especially in Europe and Asia and in expanding online international retail sales channels, according to the second annual Association of American Publishers (AAP) Export Sales Report being released today. The report also shows particular worldwide growth in US-published, English-language fiction for Adults and Young Adults.

The report examines US Trade sector (publishers of fiction and non-fiction) 2012 net sales revenue from international markets and includes data from all major consumer publishing houses.

PubWest Announces 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award Goes to Jack Shoemaker of Counterpoint Press
June 18, 2013

PubWest, the leading trade association of small- and medium-sized book publishers, has awarded its 2013 Jack D. Rittenhouse Award to Jack Shoemaker, Co-founder, Editorial Director and Vice President of Counterpoint Press. The PubWest Board of Directors selected Shoemaker in recognition of his extraordinary career and how his lifetime of work has shaped and inspired the book publishing community. PubWest Board President Dave Trendler said, “The Jack D. Rittenhouse Award was established in 1990 as a way to thank and honor those who have made a real contribution to the Western community of the book. Today, the Rittenhouse Award is truly a lifetime achievement award for those who have made long-lasting contributions to how books are made and sold. I'm truly pleased to welcome him into the company of Rittenhouse Award recipients.”

Questions and Answers with Matty Goldberg of Perseus Books Group
May 1, 2013

I think every publisher, no matter what their size, is wrestling with a rapidly evolving marketplace, with discoverability for their titles, with the digital transformation of the industry and a host of other issues. They're thinking about these big issues while keeping the boat afloat — working as hard as ever on the book they're publishing here and now. It often feels like everyone in the industry is now doing two jobs — their old job and their still-forming new job.

Book marketing's next chapter: Industry sponsors 'hackathon'
April 25, 2013

Book publishing has been famously slow to embrace technology, but some industry executives are hoping it's never too late to change. Taking a page from the tech community, an independent publisher and a top talent agency will announce Monday that they have joined forces to host the first-ever publishing "hackathon."

The aim will be to inspire programmers, designers and entrepreneurs to develop an app, widget or website that solves the riddle of how to expose potential book buyers to titles they didn't know they wanted. The issue has become a critical one for publishers as they face the decline of

Saturday Evening Post Celebrates One of America’s Greatest Authors with Release Of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby Girls
March 25, 2013

He made the Roaring ‘20s come alive in numerous novels and created the Flapper Girl.   As fans anticipate the release of the fourth film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece The Great Gatsby, there is renewed interest in the legendary writer’s work. Fans will delight in knowing that The Saturday Evening Post is working with intellectual property studio SD Entertainment and romance transmedia and company BroadLit to publish F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby Girls—a collection of his first eight short stories originally published in The Saturday Evening Post.  Included are the original illustrations, cover art, reproductions of the actual pages of the Post, plus a fascinating introduction by the Post’s historian. No other writer of his time wrote so skillfully, so sympathetically and so fascinatingly about women.