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Espresso Book Machines Partners with Agate Publishing
October 16, 2012

On Demand Books, the company behind the Espresso Book Machine, has signed  with Agate Publishing to make their titles available via the EBM’s unique at point-of-sale channel. "Agate is looking forward to working with On Demand Books to make our titles available through the Espresso Book Machine. Increasing book sales while working with innovators like ODB is essential to our future success," said Doug Seibold, president of Agate.  "Espresso should make it possible for more of our books to be available at more local bookstores. This should be good for Agate's authors and our readers alike."

INTERQUEST Digital Book Printing Forum Draws Industry Professionals to Frankfurt
October 8, 2012

INTERQUEST, a leading market and technology research and consulting firm serving the digital printing and publishing industry, today announced a rich and diverse lineup of speakers and panelists for its second Frankfurt Digital Book Printing Forum. The full-day educational forum focuses on trends and opportunities in digital book manufacturing.

Espresso Book Machines Go Urban With Akashic Books
July 3, 2012

New York, NY (7/1) –On Demand Books, the company behind the Espresso Book Machine, has signed with Akashic Books to make their titles available via the EBM’s unique at point-of-sale channel.

A Brief History of the Short Run
July 1, 2012

Digital printing has saved the book industry. The old business model that printed an excess of books has been replaced for many titles by a more efficient on-demand model. Consider my personal example: Back in 1972, I wanted to self-publish a book. I only wanted 500 copies, but the printer said the minimum run was 5,000. I still have 4,000 copies in the warehouse, because someone may want a book on 1970s phototypesetting some day.

Espresso Book Machine Selfserve Authors Can Now Go "E" Via Partnership with BookBaby
June 29, 2012

On Demand Books, the company behind the Espresso Book Machine, launched its SelfServe web-based upload earlier this year to allow self-published content to be available in print at point of sale through their growing network of machines. On Demand Books is now partnering with BookBaby so these authors (and the EBM operators some work through) can convert their print books to “e” and have them available via all major e-tailers.

Kensington Titles Coming to an Espresso Book Machine Near You
June 25, 2012

New York, NY (June 19, 2012) – Kensington, the independent publisher known for innovative and wide-ranging publishing, has joined On Demand Books’ growing Espresso Book Machine program (EBM), via arrangement with Lightning Source, making its titles available through EBM’s “digital-to-print at retail” sales channel.

“Kensington is thrilled to be part of the Espresso Book Machine network. Even as digital book sales continue to grow, bookstores remain an important place for customers to shop for physical books. The goal of this initiative is to give the local bookseller the ability to provide customers with a larger selection of Kensington titles in their hands,” said Steven Zacharius, President and CEO, Kensington Publishing Corp. “For authors this is a win-win as their titles—both front and backlist—will be more broadly available.”

OR Books and On Demand Books Partnership Boosts New Distribution Model
June 11, 2012

OR Books, the progressive fiction and non-fiction publisher, and On Demand Books, the company behind the Espresso Book Machine® (EBM), have entered into an agreement to make OR Books’ list available from the EBM’s “digital-to-print at retail (DPR)” sales channel. This agreement will enable OR Books to deliver their content to readers all over the world,through On Demand Books’ global network of sixty-eight EBM locations.

June 1, 2012

ESPRESSO BOOK MACHINE® COMES TO MARDELCutting-edge machine offers on-demand access to 8 million+ titles printed in any language, and on-site self-publishing for local authorsOKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Mardel Christian Bookstore today unveiled its newly-installed Espresso Book Machine® (EBM), a Xerox Solution- a cutting-edge technology that offers patrons instant access to more than eight million titles…

Saddleback Publishing Announces Partnership with On Demand Books to Offer Instant Access to Their Extensive Catalog via the Espresso Book Machine
June 1, 2012

Saddleback Publishing, the leader in high-interest, low-reading ability, curriculum solutions and quality fiction, is proud to become the first educational publisher to partner with On Demand Books to provide instant access to their extensive catalog of young adult literature, workbooks and guides dedicated to helping struggling and at-risk learners in grades 5-12