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March 1, 2011

Your website traffic will only grow when the crowds of would-be-interested Internet browsers begin to learn about your site, your books and your amazing content.

Enhancing the E-book Business
January 1, 2011

In late 2007, HarperCollins claimed to have published the first-ever e-book to include video. That e-book title, "Lady Amelia's Secret Lover," featured six embedded videos of the book's author.

Fourteen Tips To Increase E-Book Sales
November 1, 2010

While e-books are available instantly to anyone, anywhere, with a computer, smartphone or e-reader, online distribution on its own does not provide new-book awareness.

Barefoot Books Reaches 20,000 Listeners (and Counting) With Weekly Podcast
May 13, 2010

While it may not evoke memories of your mom or dad tucking you into bed and reading your favorite bedtime story, Cambridge, Mass.-based Barefoot Books’ latest marketing initiative is a sign of the times in an evolving publishing industry: On March 31, the children's book publisher announced the launch of a weekly podcast series that features free story times from its collection of books. The podcasts offer adults and children the ability to listen to stories at home or on the go.

BookExpo America Organizers Introduce New York Book Week to Draw Attention to Authors, Books and Publishing
March 18, 2010

BookExpo America (BEA) organizers have today announced the official debut of New York Book Week (May 23-29, 2010), a concept which embraces all literary and book activity in New York City and which is designed to draw attention to authors, books and publishing.  The program, which was conceived as a way to expand on the presence of BEA in New York City by making even more authors available to the community, has grown to include a wide range of author events at various literary venues.

How a Self-Published Book Became a Best-seller
December 18, 2009

Carol Aebersold and her daughter, Chanda Bell, knew they had a winning idea when they transformed their family tradition into a book, “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition.” But when they submitted the book—about how Santa disperses helper elves to watch boys and girls during the holidays and report back to him nightly at the North Pole—to publishers, no one wanted to take a chance on the concept.

The Promise of Poetry in a Digital Age
November 1, 2009

The problems of poetry are many. It can be difficult to discover. It can be difficult to read and interpret. Are you reading it right? Are you interpreting it right? Are you sure?

Penguin Kicks Off Second Season of Online Network
October 2, 2009

Penguin Group USA has rolled out the second season of "From the Publisher's Office", its own online network featuring new programming across three multimedia channels: "The Screening Room," "The Radio Room" and "The Reading Room." In its inaugural season, "From the Publisher's Office" logged more than 100,000 page views in three months.

Today's Retail Scene: Are You Prepared to Compete?
October 1, 2009

It used to be straightforward. A publisher sent out a catalog of new releases, promoting certain titles to bookstores. Marketing proceeded through fixed channels and seasonal rituals, and, year after year, everyone knew their place in the dance. Not so anymore.