April 2014


6 Ways To Ensure Quality in the Face of Complex Digital Publishing

Not only are consumers more discriminating, but ebook capabilities have grown increasingly complex, as have the types of content being made into ebooks. That ebooks allow significant personalization is just another complication that publishers need to reckon with.

A Look At Audiobook Solutions and Providers

The Audiobook Creation Exchange, or ACX, is already having a significant effect on the manner in which the industry does business, largely by offering publishers both large and small easier access to the means of production.

Digital Content Can Be More Intelligent

When new communications media emerge, the typical pattern has been to simply put old content into the new format. I would argue that the most effective use of any medium is achieved only once the unique characteristics of that medium are fully grasped.

Innovation And Cross-Pollination

"The Innovators" special feature package this issue have something in common: the abilit

Lithomobilus Startup Launches New Ebook Platform

Lithomobilus, the latest e-reading platform hitting the ether this spring, has flipped the script on reading. Rather than authors having the final say, readers will influence how they experience stories on the Lithomobilus platform.

Radical Publishing Merges Art And Technology to Create a New Kind of Book

"We are involved in the world of the book as an art object—the 'artist's book'." From this perch, director Steve Woodall foresees profound changes in publishing involving the comingling of books, art, and technology.

The Innovators

All of the innovators interviewed in this section, whether from trade, academic, or independent publishing, have joined the digital revolution and are pushing the industry into a sustainable future, exploring new products and services, and adapting to disruption.