Book Business January 2014


A Foundation For the Future

IDPF's Bill McCoy discusses why he sees great opportunity for EPUB to enhance digital publishing and who may find success in a post-paper world.

Aerbook Ebook Platform Introduces Publishers to Native Retail

San Francisco-based Aerbook tackles the issue of ebook discoverability by using social media channels to deliver ebooks directly into readers' daily media streams.

Building an Open Annotation System to Curate a "Cacophony of Perspectives"

According to Dan Whaley, founder of, online comments sections are no longer practical. He believes the solution to creating active and functional online commentary lies in open annotation.

Finding Fortune With Predictive Semantics

Arguably, the largest missed opportunity for publishers in the digital revolution is in predictive analytics.  Predictive analytics is an algorithm-based science of deciphering captured data to discover probable customer actions. Capturing relevant data is severely limited with printed books as compared to ebooks.  Location, device, reader behavior, and demographics (attainable depending on device and app) are just some of the ebook data that can power analytics.

Glossary of Metadata Terms

Here’s a handy metadata glossary with some important terms and organizations so you too can speak fluent Metadata! These terms are selected from the glossary of The Metadata Handbook.

Harvard Common Press Invests in Food Startups and Builds A New Business Model Along The Way

Publishers Bruce Shaw and Adam Salomone of Harvard Common Press invest in food tech startups and have built a new business model along the way.

ONIX 3.0 Raises Standard for Ebook Metadata

Dramatic changes in the publishing landscape mean that the most widely implemented version of ONIX, ONIX 2.0, is not well-fitted to today's global book business.

The Many Dimensions of Metadata

The understanding of metadata needs to be expanded. Perhaps your work brings you in contact with a part of the metadata chain, but the true value of metadata is better understood from a bird’s-eye view.

Welcome to the Metadata Millennium: A Complete Overview of What Metadata Can Do for Publishers

The importance of metadata goes beyond books and magazines. It's increasingly essential to all media: print, ebooks, images, videos--it's what makes it all work together.

Why the U.S. Publishing Industry Should Embrace Thema Global Standards

Thema is a new global subject code scheme meant to standardize how publishers, booksellers, and others describe book content. It’s something the U.S. publishing ecosystem should be paying close attention to.