Book Business July/August 2011


21 Tips For Developing Your Mobile Game Plan

Book Business asked several industry executives who have hiked the mobile mountain successfully to share their insights on how to develop a successful mobile strategy.

3 Keys to an Effective 
Mobile Strategy

Is the mobile platform the manna from the digital heavens that the Tribe of Publishing has been awaiting since the dawn of the digital age more than 20 years ago?

3 Ways to Engage 
Your Audiences 
Through Social Media

Sexy though it may be, social media marketing isn't easy, and it isn't free.


Looking for something liberating to read while you're 'on the road' (but not while you're driving!)? Jack Kerouac's legendary "On the Road" is now available.

eBooks … By the Numbers

Women are quickly becoming as prevalent in the e-book market as men, and one apparent reason is romance e-books.

Fast Stats

$3.99: The retail price for the recently released 32-page comic book biography of Stephen King, "Orbit: Stephen King," published by Bluewater Productions

Mobile: The Web 
All Over Again?

In the feature "21 Tips for Developing Your Mobile Game Plan," Merriam-Webster President and Publisher John Morse makes a really interesting point.

Not All (e)Books Are Created Equal

Although Amazon reports selling more Kindle e-books than traditional books, print books are still the dominating force behind publishing sales.

Self Publishing: Friend or Foe?

As the self-publishing phenomenon has grown and matured, traditional book publishers have passed through something like the five stages of grief.

Sizing Up a 
Changing Industry

Almost everyone in the book business will acknowledge that we are in the midst of the most interesting, challenging and promising period in the industry's history.

The Publisher-Retailer Tug-of-War

Creating a book is one thing; selling is something completely different. Gutenberg was both printer and publisher, as was Aldus, Plantin, Caxton and almost all the early printers.